Ways To Give For Farley

Ways To Give To Help Farley Continue His Fight Like A Ninja Against Cancer #FarleyCancerFightingNinja

Make a difference in Farley’s life. Your gift will have a huge impact against lymphoma. Donate Today

Meet Farley

Farley was diagnosed with lymphoma and began CBD treatment

Farley is not your ordinary Shih Tzu, oh no, he has quite the personality, to say the least. And, he is full of life and has a promising future with his new family. You see, Farley was dumped at a high kill shelter here in Phoenix AZ by his owner; after being a loyal companion and family member for 13 yrs, he is dumped there. Why? Because he threw up and was too old. The shelter? Not any better, as they gave Farley only 24 hours for an outlet. Lucky for us and the world, Farley was pulled and saved.

Several weeks after Farley’s rescue, he was diagnosed with lymphoma and circulating leukemia; maybe the former family knew? Maybe the shelter knew? Not important; what is important to understand and acknowledge, just because a pet is diagnosed with a life-threatening disease is not an instant “Dead Dog Walking” sentence.

For Farley, his cancer was detected early enough that he has an excellent chance of going into remission and living his golden years out as a rock star. Upon begin diagnosed with lymphoma, he was started on IV Chemotherapy; he did not handle that too well, didn’t want to eat or drink for several days, which required supportive care. With learning that he was not responding well to IV treatment, a new plan was put into place. He is currently taking cannabis oil, yep, you read that correctly; in fact, several hours after the first application, he not only was eating and drinking, he was jumping up on the furniture (more about that later!). In addition to his CBD oil, he is receiving oral chemotherapy which has fewer side effects. We need to mention, after the IV treatment, his lymphocyte count went from 20K to 11K! Amazing, right?

Update September 16 2016: Farley’s lymphocyte count is now down to 5,100! This is amazing! Farley is fighting cancer and I am right there with him. Please continue to donate and help him.

Farley is not allowing cancer to define him, oh no; check him out swimming in a public fountain (yes, he has a bucket list)

To ensure he continues to heal and receive the proper treatment and nutrition, this is where you help make a difference; your gift will have a big impact on Farley’s life, helping him achieve remission and golden years. We have set up several ways to give to Farley, making it idea for everyone, for Farley. Please donate today and join in the fight with Farley, become a #cancerfightingninja

Ways To Give

Jewelry Candles has incredible products that have either cash or jewelry inside their products, and they are safe around pets.Soy candles, organic soap, and lotions; all of which have a piece of jewelry hidden inside them. Save 30% off any product with code Farley (type in discount box). Your 30% savings is donated to Farley. Hurry! Expires Feb 19 2017



Rescue Chocolate, organic chocolate that not only tastes amazing, it is super sweet on donating to Farley. Rescue Chocolate will donate $1.00 for every product purchased (except Mini’s). Simply use code “Farley” in gift message box.





Bravelets bracelet give back to help fight cancer







Jewelry that gives back. #BeBrave Shop Now for bracelets, scarfs and more



Pet Utopia Pet Shop is dedicated in helping pets with medical needs, with every purchase, proceeds go to help animals in need


Shop at Pet Utopia Pet Shop, proceeds from your purchase will go to help Farley and other pets too. Shop Now



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2 Responses to Ways To Give For Farley

  1. Donna Mariani August 11, 2016 at 1:55 am #

    Benji’s mom ordered a Tee Shirt & donated

    • Kelly August 11, 2016 at 3:41 am #

      Thank you from the bottom of Farley’s heart