I am so sad by what I am about to share with you folks, I have a furiend that needs our help. Let me introduce to Preston.

PrestonNow folks, hold on to your leashes, what I am about to share with you will cause your eyes to leak. I was introduced to Preston about a month ago and his story just made me so sad. His human, went to place that is similar to our Rainbow Bridge; I believe you humans call it, Heaven. Well, Preston’s human wife didn’t want Preston and she took him to a shelter. Grrrrr, I was very upset when I was told this.

Some nice lady stepped in and pulled Preston out and placed him in boarding. Poor Preston could not take all the stress and he became very ill. My human’s friends raised enough doggie bones to help with the vet. However, I am not sure why the vet didn’t like the doggie bones.

He was healing and ready to go home with a foster family until he finds his new furever home. He was only in the foster home for one night, then, he went to do business and it was bright red. Say it isn’t so!

The vet determined that he has stones in his bladder and urethra; it is life threatening and painful, and needs surgery right away (like tomorrow morning). (I had to have Mom help me with this).

Folks, he has gone through so much, and now this. Unfortunately, with just these latest tests, the doggie bones are more than used up, and this surgery is going to cost around 2500 in kibble.

I am asking all of you to help my furiend; would you please donate a doggie bone or kibble to save Preston? Would you please say a doggie prayer for Preston and help him get through the night? Please share his story with all; human and pets alike, we can make a difference.

All doggie bones and kibble should be made thru PayPal.com to PoppyFoundation@earthlink.net

This is serious folks, Preston may not make it without our help.