Woof! Spring is here, flowers are blooming, temperatures are warmer and it is staying light longer. Furiends, do you know what else is happening in May?  Mother’s Day!  Did you know that us dogs have our own special ways to show Mom that we wuv you?  Sure, we may leave you little “presents” or “surprises” and we understand that may not be the best way to show you how much we wuv you. Woof! I am going to share with you five ways, us dogs remember Mother’s Day.

Mini Me senses when his Mom is sad or not feeling well
Mini Me is sad because Mom isn’t feeling well

5) We Share Your Sad Times, We Share Smiles We know when you are really happy and we know when you are sad, we are right there to comfort you.  We are there to lick away your tears, place our head in your lap and let you know that we are there for you.

Mr MaGoo one big smile to brighten anyone's day
Big smile for you Mom

We also know when to smile, because our smile makes you smile and no more tears. We know when we need to be silly and make you laugh. Us dogs have an inner sense and connection to our Moms, some humans just don’t get it; furiends, do you agree?  You know when your Mom is sad and needs your comfort?  And, you also know when she needs you to brighten her day?  Show of paws, raise ’em high so we can count ya all!

4) Bad Hair Days Furiends, now I am not sure about your Mom, when our Mom has a bad hair day it is not a sight to be had.  Woof! She is our Mom though and not matter what, we aren’t going to run and hide.  When we have a bad fur day, she gives a big hug and says she wuvs us.

Carla Mae is certainly having a bad fur day
Yikes! This is a bad fur day

3) We Listen Us dogs make Grr8 listeners! We wuv when you talk to us; have you ever noticed that we even at times tilt our head to one side as you speak to us? That is because we are showing you we like listening to your voice and support you all the way down the kibble trail. Yes, I know there are times when we may bark back, it is all in wuv; we are simply agreeing with you and saying “Mom, we agree!”  Woof!

Fancy listening to what is being said
Yes, Mom I am listening

2) We Wait For You We do not know or care where you have been or how long, what we do know is that we will wait for your return by the door or window.  You could be gone for 5 minutes or 5 days, it is all the same to us, you were gone and when you walk through the door, we are going to let you know each and every time how much we missed you.  Woof! Woof! Woof! Why? Because us dogs adore our Moms and we know that we are the happiest when we are by your side.  How do we show you how much we wuv you and how much you were missed?  Jumping! Barking! Howling! Whining! Yappy Paw Dances!

Mini Me and Fancy waiting for their Mom to return home
Do you see her?


1) We Wuv You No Matter What I believe this is what humans call unconditional love (wuv); us dogs just call it wuv, we wuv you no matter what kind of day you had; no matter if you aren’t feeling well; no matter if you aren’t in the room with us; we wuv you wherever you.  Us dogs know that at times we make our Moms a little frustrated with too much barking; dirty paws on furniture; fighting with each other but we also know that our Moms always wuv us and give us kisses and hugs.  We know that at times we scare our Moms when we aren’t feeling well; our Moms though drop what they are doing and take care of us.  We know that some of our Moms have had to give up a few things or humans in their lives to wuv us; us dogs know this and that is why we wuv Moms, you give your hearts to us and ask nothing in return.  It is for these reasons why we give Moms all over the Paw and Tail salute for all the unselfish, tireless, work you do for us and always have room in your heart for more.

This is our Mom we are pretty darn lucky dogs
This is our Mom we are pretty darn lucky dogs

Furiends, I don’t know about you; we think Moms deserve the kibble award for being our heroes, do you agree?  How do you show your Mom that you wuv her?

Time for me to go and cuddle up on our Mom’s lap, give out a big sigh and take a nap with her.  Yes, our Mom is the paw print to our hearts. Share your stories, would wuv to read your wuv journey.

Happy Mother's Day
Twinkle Star barks Happy Mother’s Day







Mr MaGoo

Mr MaGoo being silly
Did I make you smile?