Woof! Furiends, how are you? Getting in the last summer vacation?  Nothing beats a vacation, even us dogs enjoy a pawsome vacation.  Where is your favorite vacation?  Beach? Mountains? Back yard?  No matter where your favorite vacation place may be, I am sure you are having a Grr8 time.

Mr MaGoo spells Mom
Mom, thank you!

Now, there are some humans that look forward to vacations so they may catch up on their reading.  Of course, make sure to take only yours truly, Real Dogs Don’t Whisper; for the children, Mister Spunky and His Friends.  But, what if I shared with you furiends, there is a book for us?  Yes, wag your tail because it is true, there is a book that was created for us dogs.  “Bite This Book” is a book that our humans read to us.  What?! No, I didn’t fall off the gravy train; go take a sniff and dig around in this yard.  

Bite This Book
Bite This Book

Mom sat down and started to read it to us; at first, I was hesitant because what could possible be more entertaining than me?!  BOL  A poem about pee!  Woofeee!  When Mom read this:

“I love to pee pee many many times. The best smell of all smells
Is MY pee pee smell.
I am the boss.
My pee pee is everywhere. “

I was so happy, I couldn’t stop dancing and barking up a storm.  Finally!  Finally, I was understood; catch the part about “I am the boss”?  Woof!  Of course, I go around the neighborhood, barking to all this verse; Sparky, now do you understand why I pee everywhere?  Because I am boss!  BOL

Now of course, the girls of the house are not overly excited about pee as I; they like this (yuck! all gurly!):

“Sometimes,I just have to kiss you. Your face is close to mine  And I forget about everything And I kiss And kiss And kiss you.”

Girls! Of course they would like this poem about kisses :* :*.  Mini Me, he prefers this poem about squirrels: 

“I Hear an Intruder, Bark, Bark, Bark.
My Job is to Find the Intruder. Where are You?
Ha, Ha, I see You!
Bark, Bark, Bark.”

Furiends, there are Grr8 poems in this book (oh yeah, you get to bite it and it is pawfectly fine!); alone time, vacations, how our humans go behind a door, parks, and so much more.  Santa Paws is coming very soon, tell your parents to get this for you.  They can find it here, Amazon.com

Do you have a favorite book that you like your parents to read to you?  

Mr MaGoo

Mr MaGoo and his toy
Time to play and Mom to read to us