Owning a pet is a huge commitment, but the rewards are endless. When adopting a pet, you’re saving it from life in a cage – or, even worse, being euthanized. Some abandoned pets come with a few problems because of their circumstances, but with a bit of effort and love, they can become the most devoted of animals. If you’re looking to adopt a pet, keep these tips in mind.

Adopting a pet is rewarding and a long-term commitment.

Choosing a Pet to Adopt

You should only adopt a pet that fits your lifestyle. Find a furry friend that you can handle, and be sure to get as much history about the animal as possible. Even if it looks adorable, don’t adopt the boisterous border collie if you don’t have the energy levels to match!

If you have grandchildren who visit regularly, don’t adopt a large breed that hasn’t been socialized with children. When it comes to cats, try adopting a more senior cat that’s done with its territorial fighting days.

If you’re interested in adopting but don’t want to commit to full-time pet ownership yet, you can start a part-time business pet sitting for others. This can give you experience with various pets so you can find out what you do and don’t enjoy, as well as provide you with excellent company. If you’re planning on starting a pet-sitting business, make sure to write out a detailed business plan that includes how you’ll market your services.

Settling Into a New Home

Your new pet may have had a traumatic past and will need an adjustment period. Some animals need to learn how to trust again. Establish a routine, create boundaries and have patience. This new phase can be overwhelming for them, and according to experts, it can take six to eight weeks for a pet to adjust.

Try to spend as much time at home as possible, just so your new pet doesn’t feel
abandoned all over again. Secure pet toys and a pet bed, and reward your new friend's
good behavior with treats. If you’re battling, enlist the help of an animal behaviorist.

Pet toy safety should be on top of mind

Pet Safety

Pet safety is paramount. Before the arrival of your pet, remove all hazardous items in your home. Consider putting toxic plants up high or removing them. Remove plugs, make sure the pool is covered, hide medications, and lock up sharp objects.


When your pet is confident and secure in its environment, you should begin the socialization process. Invite a few people around to get your pet used to visitors, take it on a walk so it doesn’t fear neighborhood noises, or let it play with other animals.

Going on Vacation

At some stage, you’re likely to go on a vacation where you can’t bring your pet. Start the introduction of pet sitters soon, or find a pet daycare that also specializes in boarding.

Cleaning Your Home

Both cats and dogs can shed a lot of hair and traipse dirt through the house. Dirt can stain upholstery and carpets and can be impossible to lift with normal cleaning products. It’s advisable to contact furniture cleaners who are reputable and have received glowing reviews online. Avoid cleaners that use all-in-one cleaning tools. Brush and groom your pet often to avoid shedding and remove dirt.

Giving an Animal a Second Chance

When you adopt a pet from a rescue center, you give it renewed hope and a second chance
at the life it deserves. If you’re feeling lonely and have a lot of love to give, then adopt a pet.

Meet the crew of Real Dogs Don’t Whisper and Mister Spunky and Farley. All were rescued and given a second chance, in turn, they have given me unconditional love.

The current cast of Real Dogs Don’t Whisper – Driving Miss Fancy, Sophie Twinkle Star, Mini Me, Munchkin, Ozzy Chewbacca, and Curly Sue