Hello everypawdy!!  I don’t know about you, but I sure do love curling up on my overstuffed bed with my sis, Carla Mae and reading a good book.  Carla Mae just loves it when I read to her.  That tail of hers just wags and wags.  She always barks at me to read to her from the book that I wrote – “Real Dogs Don’t Whisper.”  And Buffy, could never get my book away from her; she enjoyed looking at her bootiful photos.  Arf!  

Buffy reading chapter eight
Buffy reading Chapter 8, “Beautiful Buffy”









Of course, when I pawed the page to Chapter 2, I had to bark up that I had some help with writing the book, because the next chapter is all about mom and the pets that came before me, the Goo himself, and my sisters.

 Grrr!  As much as I hate to admit it, me, Mr. MaGoo, is not the first lovable four-legged fur ball to grace mom with their presence.  I don’t know what a horse is – a REALLY big dog, I guess, but she had a couple of those.  Apawrently, you can ride these horses.  Hey! If anyone tries to sit on Mr. MaGoo, why I’ll bite their knees!! 

Kelly Preston on horseback
Mom is on a big “dog” Woof!










Then came that Gizmo she’s always talking about.  She even thinks I look like that other dog.  Does she not know that there is only one Mr. MaGoo?  Poor little dudette isn’t with us anymore, though.  I guess she’s up in doggy heaven with Buffy and Betty Boop.

Gizmo and Kelly Preston
Seriously furiends; Gizmo and I do not look alike Woof!









I may get a little pawlous cause I wasn’t the first in mom’s life, but like Carla Mae always reminds me, “Mr. Magoo, if it hadn’t been for those who came before us, we never would’ve been a family.”

My little sis is right, folks.  If mom hadn’t been the loving, caring human she is, we never would’ve found such a great home.  But just between you and me, I’m still the better writer. BOL


Woof you later!

Mr. MaGoo