Woof! I am back behind the keypaws; whew, trying to get a chance to paw up a note or two is a tail pullin’ time.  Mom just doesn’t share her office, maybe I need my own office? Whacha think?  Woof!  And, she leaves all this food on the desk.  The other day she left behind this thing called an apple.  Folks, it was Grr8!!  

Apples are good for dogs

Did you know that us dogs can eat apples?  And get this; did you know that apples with the skin on are full of plant chemicals (phytonutrients, yep had to Goo-gle that one!) that are thought to be protective against some types of cancer in humans. They are a source of vitamins A and C and fibre. apples; contain low sodium and low saturated fat, now, how pawsome is that! This fruit is rich in omega 3 and in omega 6 fatty acids, this means it helps promote a healthy, shiny coat. Oh yeah, watch me wiggle my tail, my long flowing hair blowin’ in the wind, my coat shining brighter than the sun.  Oh sorry, was just daydreaming about me doing the dog walk.  BOL

apples help dogs coat
My coat is so long, had to pull up my bangs Woof!

Mom always tells me that too much of good thing, can be a bad thing.  Do I ever listen?  Woof! Of course not, I am Mr MaGoo who knows all.  BOL.  Turns out Mom knew what she was talking about; I ate too many apples and I became very, very sick.  Hey!  Don’t you humans have a saying, “sicker than a dog”?  Let me tell you, if any one of you humans become “sicker than Mr MaGoo”, whew, that is pretty bad.  My stomach was very upset and angry, wasn’t a bootiful sight.  

Let me tell you furiends, make sure to tell your parents only to feed you a very small amount of apples; turns out, apples contain sugar and can put too much weight on our doggy, stylin’ figures.  Oh woof!  We need to watch our waistlines, yes?  

When Mom saw me having a feast on the apples, she became a crazy lady with her hair flying all over the place.  Wasn’t pretty, let me tell you.  I later discovered, while my tummy was angry with me, Mom was worried that I ate the seeds.  Thank dog I didn’t.  Furiends, the seeds will kill us!  They contain a poison called cyanide; I had to Goo-gle this, this is one nasty thing.  Gulp!  Now I know why Mom was crazy lady, she was so worried.  I was lucky that time, maybe I should wait until Mom offers?

Now that you know small amount of apples without seeds are good for us; are you going to have your apple today?  I want to share this recipe I found for us; paw up if your parents make it for you.  Let us know if you liked it.  

Other than apples, what are your favorite treats?  Any recipe with your favorite treat?  Let me know what you like.  Woof!

Off to have an apple , 

Mr MaGoo

Dog wait to eat apples
Where are my apples?



2 Replies to “An Apple A Day, Keeps Doc At Bay”

  1. It is one of my dog’s favorite meals, she also is bonkers for bananas too! Peaches she loves as well. Thanks for sharing. I really liked the detail on apples and why they are good for dogs. People always think its meat, meat, meat!

    1. Woof! Woof!

      Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog Maggie. Your dog sounds like she is a peach. Arf! You are right though, us pets (just like you humans) gain a lot of nutrition from both fresh fruits and veggies. As Mom says though, too much of a good think can be harmful too. All about keeping the paw in check BOL

      Mr MaGoo

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