Woof! How is everypaw?  Getting ready for Summer?  As you are getting ready for Summer, does this include us pets too?  Did you know that we get the heebie-jeebies from nasty visitors called fleas?  Oh I shudder at the thought of them; they bite, they carry disease, they cause worms…yuck!  Stay with me furiends and I will give some tips to keep them off you and out of your home.

Now you have often read that I curse 1,000 fleas on cancer and other bad dudes; that is because fleas eat anything in their way.  The only eating they should do, is on cancer cells.  Grrr, I dislike cancer just as much as I do fleas.  Grrr back off…Grr  

Mr Magoo closeup
Back off fleas..Grrrr

If your Mom and Dad are like anything like my Mom, she wants the very best for Carla and I; yet, she makes sure that we are safe from toxic items.  Yes folks, believe it or not, even though an item may keep fleas away from us, it can be toxic for us.  The item I am barking about, flea control that you buy.  Arf! Arf! It can cause terrible side effects, like cancer, bladder cancer to be exact.

So, what are our parents to do?  I, Mr MaGoo, am here to help you and your parents (you can thank me later…bol).  Our Mom did research and has been using this method for over a year now; I am pawing up to you about apple cider vinegar (ACV).

That’s right! Apple cider vinegar helps repel fleas; that’s right 1000 fleas, back off and go find bad dudes to eat.  How does this work?  Woof! I have to be honest here, I had to “Goo”-gle it; I am a dog not a scientist.  Well, not yet.

ACV when given to us daily, it creates an internal (and external) acidic condition that is not “tasty” or attractive to fleas. If ACV is added to our food, 1 teaspoon, it makes our skin unsuitable for fleas.  Adding a few drops of ACV to our pet’s drinking water will affect a change from alkaline to acidic from the inside out. Now, that doesn’t sound yummy; would you eat something that is acidic?  I should think not.

If you are worried about picking up fleas when we go for a walk, (I know Carla and I are); tell your parents to keep some ACV in a spray bottle, and spray us before you leave home, and when you get back. 

Mr Magoo and Carla Mae in swings
Carla Mae and Mr MaGoo enjoying a spring day without the worry of fleas

Trust me folks, this works! Carla and I have not had any creepy crawly’s on us for a very long time; and no heebie-jeebies for us.  Are you going to try ACV?  Have you tried ACV did fleas stay away?

Bark up, I would like to hear from you my furiends.

Mr MaGoo



4 Replies to “Apple Cider Vinegar Isn’t Just For Cooking”

  1. This is excellent news! I didn’t know it could be used on animals for this purpose, but why not? Apple Cider Vinegar is an anti-bacterial and an anti-inflammatory – I drink a little bit in a warm glass of water each morning for arthritis inflammation and whenever I feel a bacterial type infection coming in. Now we know it can help our ani-pals too!

    1. Woof! Woof!

      Carol, yep it is true. Mom gives it to us and my skin feels so much better; Carla doesn’t itch as much either. Mom calls it the paw-onder fluid. Arf!

      Mr MaGoo

  2. I am going to try this! I also use “Flee Flea!” that is all natural and we don’t use those poisonous chemicals on our fur!! Thanks Magoo!!

    1. Woof! Woof!

      Mom stopped using the commercial flea products after she read that bladder cancer can be caused by commercial flea products. As soon as Buffy (sigh I miss my sister) was diagnosed with TCC, Mom stopped immediately after reading it. So, for over two years now, Mom has been using ACV in our drinking water; she also pours a little in our drinking water. Mom says never can be too safe against creepy crawlers, she sprays it on us before we go for a walk.

      No creepy crawlers in this house..no bark about it.


      Mr MaGoo

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