Woof! Don’t you just wuv this time of the year?  Spring brings flowers, sunshine (when the sky isn’t leaking); longer days and that means more time with our parents playing outdoors.  April brings a very important day too, a day for everypaw to remember furiends that are in need.  April 11th is National Pet Day.

National Pet Day
April 11th National Pet Day

What is National Pet Day?  This is a special day for our parents to celebrate the joy us pets bring to their lives.  It is also a day to stop and remember that not all our furiends are as lucky as we are, it is a day to to bark very loudly that other furiends are waiting for their furever home, behind bars, they sit and wait for a human to come and take them home, furever.  These furiends are simply waiting to be loved and show love back. 

Now folks, what I am about to share is painful and sad, it is the truth though.  It’s estimated that approximately 16,000 pets die in U.S. shelters every single day. This means that roughly every single hour of the day, 667 sweet furry babies are taking their last breath. (my eyes are beginning to leak at the very thought of this)

However, our parents, our parent’s friends, neighbors, coworkers and so many more can help save a life or two. How do you ask; especially if they are unable to adopt?  Furiends it is very simple!  See humans spend kibble on coffee, make-up, handbags, vacations, sports gear, junk food, movies and so much more. What if the next time you bark to them, do you really need it? What if for just one time (just once), they decided to take kibble and donate to save a life?  Imagine right!  Woofeee If all donated a dollar a month, that would help provide programs (health) for shelters across the nation.  Just close your eyes and imagine how many happy furbaby faces there would at the shelter that were saved! 

It just isn’t with our parents that can help, you can too! Bark to your parents that you want to donate toys and blankets you just are not playing with anymore.  

Who is with me?  Who is going to donate to local shelters this month to help save a furiend’s life until they are in their furever home?  Trust me, this is a win/win for all; the furiend will be happy; your parents will feel good and so will you.  If your parents start coming up with excuses (humans are Grr8 at doing this!), tell them to, just do it for their soul.  Hmm, do us dogs have souls?  

National Pet Day
Mini Me looking for toys to donate


Off to go and see what toys I can donate.

Mr MaGoo