Hello, again folks.  It’s Mr MaGoo here again!  Boy, I tell ya, this has got to be my favorite time of the year.  All the leaves are a pretty color; there’s these big orange things that Mom likes to make funny faces out of.  Get this! She gives us the lining, says it is Grr8 for us.  I believe it is called pumpkin; and here, I thought she was callin’ me “Pumpkin” BOL I think she has gone crazy if you ask me.  

Mr MaGoo and pumpkin
Pumpkin? Why of course I am a “pumpkin”

But I tell ya, it is getting cooooold out there.  And while I love curling up with my Carla Mae and Mini Me in front a roaring fire, I have noticed that Carla is  having a little trouble getting up in the morning.  It takes the Cutie, Cutie Carla a little longer to get up in the morning and dance for everypaw.  Boy, does she like to get down and shake her tail and tap her paws. 

Carla Mae and Mini Me playing
Carla Mae and Mini Me sharing a dance

Mom says she has arth-ri-tis.  Well, whoever this clown is, better leave her alone.  Or it’s gonna feel the wrath of Mr MaGoo.  Grrr!!!

Every time Carla starts limping, it’s another trip to the doc’s.  Oooh, how Carla dislikes that place.   And Doc is always tellin’ Mom to do stuff to us, sometimes it is good and we actually enjoy it. Carla can’t run as much as she used to and my walks are cut short.  Grrr Who’s gonna keep Sparky and the rest of those mutts outta my yard?  Mom says that too much exercise aggravates Carla’s arth-ri-tis, so she needs to take it easy. Also, Mom bought Carla a special bed; and, she gets all of these massages. Most important is what Carla eats; Mom gives her Omega-3 fatty acids and glucosamine in her food.  Luckily Carla is fit and trim, too much weight not only makes her “rolly polly” but all that extra weight would be hard on her bones.  Furiends, another good reason to keep those extra pounds off.   Could you imagine Goo man with extra pounds?  Marshmallow Man would be my new name  BOL

Well folks, time for me to go and check on Carla.  Do you know any furiend that has arth-ri-tis?  How do they stay comfortable? Have they tried special food? Massages?  Go ahead and bark up what helps.

Mr MaGoo with Carla Mae
Keeping a close eye on Carla Mae



Mr MaGoo


2 Replies to “Arthritis Is Serious For Us Pets”

  1. Hi Barbara-Ann,

    We are happy to hear that you and Betsy are doing much better living in CA; the cold, damp weather is not idea for anybody (human or pet) that has arthritis. Thank you for the additional suggestions; steps or jumping can be very unpleasant, as to your point no stairs makes it much more manageable for our pets. Also, ramps help too.

    Hardwood floors certainly have positive reasons why to have them, with our pets that have arthritis, this flooring is not idea. Think of the hardwood floor as an ice rink under their paws and having arthritis, it become very painful for pets to maintain their balance and footing.

    Thank you for your comments, best wishes to you and Betsy

    Kelly and Mr MaGoo

  2. My Betsy has arthritis too 🙁 We used to live in Massachusetts where it gets cold and our house had stairs. We moved to the desert of California to help her arthritis ( and mine’s too). Our new house does not have stairs making it easier for her and carpeting instead of hardwood floors. I give Besty daily massages on her legs and i also give her gloucosimine wrapped in a piece of turkey everyday. She is now doing so much better. I hope Carla Mae feels better soon

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