Woofee, everyone!  Something really has my fur standing on end, and I got to get it off my chest.  I tell ya, some people are real, stupid clowns.  Grrr, that’s what I say to these clowns if they come near me.

Mr MaGoo
Mr MaGoo’s fur on end

      What am I woofin’ about you ask?  Okay, first I have to quit pacing like a cat on a hot tin roof.  Okay, now I can bark at ya all about it.  Mom told Carla Mae and I some disturbing facts about so-called dog owners out there.  These people think it’s okay to keep precious furiends like us cooped up in backyards, and do nothing but breed us over and over again. These clowns are called “backyard breeders.” Mom had to explain to my sis and I what breeding was, and let me tell you, I’m glad I’m not a girl.   I have to bark though, that I would probably roll around on the floor laughing at Carla Mae if she ever got fat with little puppies inside her.  Ok, ok, ok; having puppies is a bootiful thing, a gift from God.  What these backyard clowns, is not a bootiful thing and God is not pleased with them.  Grrrr, yep, God told me to Grrrr

     But let me tell ya, folks, it really is not a laughing matter.  These “people” are really mean to these dogs, like I was sayin’.  They get no food, no water, no exercise and not even any loving.  And what is worse, all of those adorable little puppies are sold to even meaner people, who want to do the same thing to them as was done to their parents! My furiend, Rosie and her siblings, were victims to these clowns.  Grrrr Roise is now with a pawonderful Mom and she is helping Rosie exeperience wuv.  Go ahead, sniff out my blog about Rosie.


Mr MaGoo’s furiend Rosie

     The only way you humans can stop this, is to adopt your next furiend at a shelter.  Like I always say, “Every time you buy from a breeder, you are killing a shelter dog that needs a home.”  And, ooh, that just makes me soooo mad!!

 I’m off to give mom a snuggle for being so nice to Carla Mae and I.

 Until next time, folks.


Mr. MaGoo

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