Woof! Are you ready for Santa Paws?  Guess what?! This year Santa Paws made me his helper; oh yeah, I am Santa’s Helper. I proudly wear my uniform and remind Mini Me that if he doesn’t be good, his stocking will not be filled.  Of course, Mom tells me to stop teasing him and that I am not being very nice.  Ok, maybe she is right this time.

Mr MaGoo is Santa's helper

Barking about Santa, are you ready for Christmas?  Do you have young pups in your life and not sure what to get them?  Pull up a kibble bowl and blanket because I just read a pawsome book; Bash and Lucy Fetch Confidence, appears I am not the only dog in town thinks this Grr8.  This book was just awarded two awards! Two!! Bash and Lucy were named Mom’s Choice Silver Award  and Finalist in USA Best Book Awards

Bash and Lucy Book Cover
Bash and Lucy

I pawmorised Mom I wouldn’t give too much away, but I just have to paw up a note or two about Bash and Lucy.  See, Bash (Sebastian) and I have something in common, we wuv to talk (bark) and share our furiends with everypaw we meet.  Bash’s BFF is Lucy, she goes everywhere with Bash and no matter who she meets, she brings lots of happiness, joy and confidence.   Lucy even manages to win over a few that just do not understand how important us dogs are; furiends, we all know that us dogs bring a lot of wuv, happiness and confidence to humans.  Woof! Whether humans like to admit it or not, they just can’t survive without us. Woof!  Any bark, one day this older human told Bash that Lucy wasn’t allowed to be part of the fun; Grrr, Bash had to take Lucy home.  Do you know what happened next?  Not to give too much of the kibble away, Bash returned and his human friends were angry at each other and the grown up human didn’t know what to do.  Let’s just bark, Lucy knew this would happen and she came back on her own; this is when the older human knew that Lucy was very special and that she helped bring confidence to Bash and his friends.  I am not going to paw up what happened next, you need to sniff out the trail and find out for yourself.  Trust me, lots of smiles and dancing!

Bash and Lucy together
Isn’t Bash and Lucy puporable?

Oh, and let me bark, the pictures are puporable!  I had to go back again and admire Bash and Lucy; I think Bash and I would be BFF’s too.  Furiends, tell every yard about this pawmazing book; bark and howl loudly and share all over because there is a valuable lesson that Lucy teaches.  See? Us dogs are always teaching humans about life. 

Bash and Lucy I give high paws to, here is where you can get your copy! Have you read Bash and Lucy?  What did you like best about this book?  

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Real Dogs Don't Whisper
Merry Christmas from our home to yours

Mr MaGoo, Carla Mae, Mini Me and Driving Miss Fancy