Woof! Have you noticed that it is gettin’ cooler out?  I wuv cooler weather; after all, my great-great-grandfather roamed the mountains of Tibet where there is this white thing called, snow.  Now, I haven’t had the chance to meet this snow thing, I understand I might enjoy it.  Hey Mom! When can I meet snow? (off in the background, “Mr MaGoo where do you come up with these questions?”) The cooler temps get me paw-thinking about my beloved Betty Boop, she didn’t like the cold.

Mr MaGoo saying Woofollo
Howdy World

Do you know about my beloved Betty Boop? Mom and I wrote several chapters about her in our book; Betty Boop inspired us to write and share our bootiful story. Did you ever get a chance to meet Boo, too? Furiends, gather around as I am going to share with you about two angels with paws, Betty Boop and Boo.  You see, they both were born with (ummm, go need to “goo”-gle it) hydrocephalus, “water on the brain”.  And furiends, together, they are uniting the world and raising awareness for our furiends that have special needs; how those with special needs give back unconditionally and teach humans so much about life and themselves.  Excuse me, my eyes are leaking…ok back, had to get the piece of dirt out..yeah, that is my story and I am sticking my kibble on it.

Boo melting hearts

When a pup has hydrocephalus, most of the time, they are born that way.  It is a neurological disease in which there is excessive accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) within the ventricular system of the brain. Both males and females are equally affected.   Woofee, I need to go an take a nap after digging around for that.  This thing, CSF, bathes, protects, and circulates through parts of the brain and coverings and is then absorbed into the circulatory system. For my sister, CSF was so much, that her skull never closed and she had this soft spot on the top of her head.  Mom always protected her little head and I was right there to help, making sure she didn’t bump her head.

Betty Boop at meal time
Betty Boop getting ready to eat

Now, you may be paw tapping as to why is this important to know?  Because just like Mom, Boo’s Mom, Diane; gave unconditional love, both ensuring all medical needs were met, daily comforts of life were given; and showered with them with love until Rainbow Bridge.  Furiends, what is more paw-mazing, Betty Boop and Boo continue to inspire and touch lives, showing the world that when humans open up their hearts and allow love in from all, the pawonderful things happen to the world.

As Mom once told me, “Betty Boop reminds us all that life is a gift and love is our most precious possession.” Do you agree?  Has your life been touched by a special angel? Visit Boo’s page on FaceBook; Betty Boop’s Miracle is available on Kindle

Still have dust in my eyes, they are still leaking..off to go and dry my eyes.

Bark Ya Later

Mr MaGoo

Mr MaGoo
Mr MaGoo enjoying the moment









12 Replies to “Betty Boop and Boo Angels With Paws”

  1. This was a lovely, sweet tribute. It is so important to love and care for the special needs babies. I have a son with Downs and understand how it is to try and mother someone others think lesser of. He was born in 1980 and that was not an enlightened time.I am so sorry things went a different way here. Betty Boop was precious as was Boo. We do what we can and the rest is up to God. Glad I found your blog!

    1. Hi Terry,

      Thank you for the kind words.

      You and I have something in common; my late brother was a Down’s child. I do not want to give too much away in case you are reading our book, as there are mentions of Shawn and the journey to Betty Boop.

      Betty Boop lived to 10yrs, 10yrs that was not predicted by doctors; every passing year, she left them scratching their heads (mine too to be honest).

      You are exactly right, God has a plan for us, it is up to us to listen and watch for His signs and accept the path He has for us.


  2. To Everyone That Has Responded,

    First, thank you for taking time to read and follow our blog, Mr MaGoo’s daily antics and our next journey.

    The purpose of this blog was to recognize two very special angels that blessed this Earth; my beloved Betty Boop and Boo. This blog was in loving memory to them both; this blog was not written for the negative comments that have transpired, I am deeply sadden that the core concept has been overlooked. I am deeply sadden that what began as a positive, heart filled and uplifting tribute to Betty Boop and Boo, has yielded a tonality in negative tones.

    May I kindly ask, please no more negative thoughts and actions? While I do not want to delete this blog or comments, if this continues, I will be left no choice. If there are items that one party or another would like additional information, I kindly ask for that be worked out off-line. At the very least, kindly show respect to my Betty Boop and to Boo who graced our presence for such a short time.

    These words and actions are troubling to say the least, Betty Boop I miss, please show respect and kindness. Please…

    Thank you for your understanding

    Kelly and Mr MaGoo

  3. Look patty my mom is not the type of person to just take in pets and make them ill for show. Now Boo’s death was not planed we all loved him and so did the people on his site! Yeah people did donate to Boo but my mom didn’t spend 1 dime of it she chiped in to other pets in need and the people that did donate FOR boo was okay with that .

  4. Look patty my mom is not the type of person to just take in pets and make them ill for show. Now Boo’s death was not planed we all loved him and so did the people on his site! Yeah people did donate to Boo but my mom didn’t spend 1 dime of it she chiped in to other pets in need and the people that did donate FOR boo was okay with that .

  5. Thank you for mentioning Saving Boo. I follow this rescue and only 2 others and they are doing good things. Saving Boo has been very transparent and completely responsive and open to questions and comments. Patty, Boo was indeed real. All paperwork has been posted and money accounted for. That would be quite an elaborate scheme so small amount of money. I am sure Diane would be happy to address any concerns if you were to actually contact her.

  6. Patty,
    I am unsure of your problem. You should really know your facts before you slander me. I get these animals ill. They either get better with me and vet care, or they don’t. There is only so much I can do.

    The only ones I lost this year were Boo and Emma. Did you even bother to read?
    Those other pictures I posted (because obviously you are lurking) were babies who are ALIVE and WELL.

    I am not making a profit. If you work in rescue, surely you know how costly vet visits are, not to mention just basic care. Nowhere have I contradicted myself, although, if you are convinced, please do copy & paste.

  7. I wish you would not support the Boo site. 6 puppies and kittens have died in Dianes care in the past year. She buys puppies off of Craigslist and they suddenly get sick and die. She has several chip ins with different names and has made quite a profit. She has new ” rescues ” pure bred puppies she bought no doubt with Boo’s money They to are now falling ill. Munchousens syndrome? IDK But something is wrong. When asked about the pups care
    she contradicts herself constantly. Boo’s money supposedly was donated to other animals in need but I know they never got any donations from this woman. I work in rescue and with many rescues on Facebook. We all chat amongst ourselves. At best this is a internet scam at worst who knows. Please stop supporting this site!

  8. My aunt Diane owned Boo, and I have never seen my aunt so in love with any one creature. I never had the honor to meet Boo, he was here just such a short time, but with how much I read and heard about him, I may as well have known him. Knowing there are such caring people out there such as my aunt and yourself, I know if I was ever in any dire need, people would take care of me, too.

    These pups are more than just stories.

    1. Shame on you and your aunt? Really, people are not stupid maybe Boo wa sfor real maybe not. But what is very apparent is that she is capitalizing on a poor sick puppy.
      If she is your aunt , then tell her she is contradicting herself and losing track of the lies she has been telling to make money off innocent people. Real Animal rescues are taking notice and it is not good. Her so called donations to other dogs in need never appear So it is the opinion that she is pocketing the money.

      1. Shame on YOU Patty for showing your ignorance right out here in the open for all to see. Diane asked everyone of us who subscribe to that page if we minded her donating the money in Boo’s name to other rescues.

        I am going to ask every single rescue team right out in the open on FB if they have been talking smack about Di. Now when they one by one deny your claims I am going to expose you as a trouble making hater. In fact I would not be surprised if you are not the one stalking the page and threating her.

        So hang on to your knickers sweetie because this ride is about to get bumpy.

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