Woof! What an interesting month we have had here!  Twinkle Star was very ill, Mom no longer leaves the house to do business (woof! still never understood why she left when our yard is pawfect for business bol). Twinkle Star is feeling a lot better and already feeling her kibble; Mom is still home with us all day, we wuv her, she needs to get back doing business outside of our yard. Woof! Speaking of business, sometimes we have to go a lot and it may hurt.  Why? Did you know we can get stones inside us?  No, not because we ate them; we can develop bladder stones and it isn’t pleasant.  Bladder stones in dogs is no bark in the park!

So, if we didn’t eat these bladder stones, then how on kibble did they get inside us? Furiends, there are these items called crystals; well, sometimes they get lonely and get together and have a pawty.  When this happens, they join together and become almost like sand. No, we aren’t going to the beach, this is no time to play.  Woof! The pawty will continue, the sand will become harder, which will develop into stones.  Ouch! This is happening in our bladder!

Bladder stones in dogs is discomforting for them

If Doc tells your parents that there are bladder stones inside you, now what?  First, Doc will help your parents determine what the cause was. Second, they will develop a treatment plan to help prevent these crystals having another pawty and turning into bladder stones. If your parents are like our Mom, she will want to know what more she can do.

Furiends, while there are some causes that no matter what your parents do, those crystals will insist being there.  Now hold a tail shake, simple diet changes can help minimize the crystals.  Did you know that our parents use something called cranberries to help them?  Get this! Cranberries help us too! Oh yeah, our parents wuv this item called probiotics.  Yep, you guessed it, we should wuv probiotics too.

Cranberries are great for dogs too

Let’s bark about cranberries; these little berries help prevent bad dudes (bacteria) sticking to our bladder and they are loaded with vitamins.  Make no bark about it, these berries are not meant to replace what Doc gives us, they are to help Doc.  If Doc gives your parents special food or medicine, make sure you take it and cranberries.

The next item that is Grr8 for us, probiotics.  See furiends, probiotics help our bodies fight bad dudes and replace the good bacteria that we need.  Sometimes the medicine that Doc gives us, will destroy the good bacteria we need, probiotics will replace these good bacteria. Read all about it here and here

Oh yeah, drink water! Lots of water and don’t hold it.  Water is our best friend, especially fresh water, if the water has been sitting too long, there is this item called oxygen in there. Check out this blog I pawed up “Dogs Benefit From Fresh, Clean Water

Furiends, if doing business doesn’t feel right, let your parents know right away.  Did you ever have these stones inside your bladder?  Have your tried cranberries?  Make sure you talk to Doc about this before doing this, Doc knows best. All this talk about business, I need to go out in the yard.

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Bark at ya later

Mr MaGoo



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