Have you ever considered bone marrow for dogs as a supplement? I am sure at one point in your dog’s life, they have had the pleasure to enjoy a bone or two; of course, being diligent to ensure that the bone was not too small or fragile for your dog. As we all know, giving a dog a bone as a treat does come with safety concerns, that being, a bone can easily get lodged in your dog’s throat which could lead to a fatal accident. While your dog loves the taste of a bone, often there is bone marrow still within, providing an extra benefit for your dog. Bone marrow for dogs has hidden benefits and there are ways to give bone marrow to your dog without jeopardizing your dog’s life.

Bone marrow for dogs provides an optimal supplement

Why Give Bone Marrow To Dogs

Before addressing the why, perhaps what makes the most sense is what is bone marrow? Basically, bone marrow is a very soft, cushy tissue that grows within the “hollows” of bones, often found in longer and wider bones. The role it plays is very simple, it produces new blood cells that assist in fighting and warding off diseases. The ability to have healthy new cells grow, aids in the production of oxygen, prevents blood clotting, remove dead cells, fights off parasites, fungi, bacteria, and more. Talk about an internal power house, not just for pets, this pertains to us too. The bottom line to what is bone marrow, it is a soft, spongy tissue that is a power house to help ward off infection. The what, definitely addressed the why; why give your dog bone marrow? Simply, to aid in healthy cell growth.

How To Give Bone Marrow To Dogs Safely

I am sure at one point or another, we have all heard that giving a dog a bone is hazardous to their health. Truthfully, I could not agree more; first, giving a raw bone to a dog presents a heightened possibility that the raw meat may be contaminated. Thus, allowing fatal bacteria to grow all of which would place your dog’s health and life at risk. Second, cooking a bone prior to serving to your dog brings its own unique health risks, as cooking the bone will soften the density and increasing chances of choking to occur.

So, what is a pet parent to do? There are several options available that provide a safe environment for your dog and at the same time, receiving the full benefits of bone marrow. They are:

    • Bone broth made in the comfort of your kitchen.
      • 4 large bones
      • 1/2 cup of chopped celery
      • 1 tablespoon of parsley
      • 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder
      • Add all items in a very large pot, cover with enough water to cover all and bring to a boil. Once it has begun to boil, turn down to a simmer, allowing to simmer for approx 2 hours. Let it cool, preferably overnight in the refrig. Once fully cooled and chilled, there will be a layer of fat at the top, skim that off and underneath will find the broth. Broth can be used as a topper for your dog’s food.
    • Bone broth powder for those that are like me, like it instant. This powder lasts a long time and is very easy to make.
Bone marrow for dogs in a powder by Honest Kitchen
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  • Ground raw bones is another safe alternative with all the benefits. Finely ground raw bones lower the risk of obstruction of the airways or blockage of the GI system. Unable to confirm how simple it is to ground raw bones, nor, if this is available for purchase. The bone broth powder is what I use and have more experience and knowledge of the product.

No matter which method you may select from above, bone marrow is an excellent supplement to give to your dog. As always, before giving your dog any supplement, please check with your primary veterinarian first.