Woof! Furiends are you getting ready for Santa Paws?  How about all the extra treats?  Have you noticed all the pawonderful movies out too?  I don’t know about you, these movies make us all warm and fuzzy.  Wait!  We are already all fuzzy!  BOL  One thing is for sure, leaves us with a lot of wuv to share.  There is one movie that we watched with Mom that we just wuved and wanted to bark all about it. 

Real Dogs Don't Whisper Carla Mae and Kelly Preston
Carla Mae and Mom sharing a tender moment

 Furiends, have you seen the movie “A Dog Named Christmas”? OMD! If you have not seen it, this is a movie that must be seen with your parents. This movie is excellent to help us all stop and realize truly what Christmas means, what is truly important in life; wuv, helping those in need, kindness and being together. This movie reminds all that Christmas is much deeper than Santa Paws and all the toys. 

A Dog Named Christmas
Movie: A Dog Named Christmas

 Watching this movie, I realized Christmas isn’t just one day of the year; furiends, Christmas should be every day! Pawonder it for a paw tapping second; every day we need to wuv each other, help each other and be kind and thoughtful to all every day. Christmas brings out the compassionate side of humans; perhaps, humans need to “pretend” Christmas is every day. Imagine what this world would be like if humans were very kind and giving every day as if it was Christmas? Pawsome idea, don’t ya think?

Furiends, sit with your parents, watch this movie; afterwards, ask them if Christmas can be every day. Bark at them you are not interested in Santa Paws and toys, you want to help at least one furiend every day. Show of paws; how many will join me and my family in this new Christmas?

Mr MaGoo 

Real Dogs Don't Whisper Mr MaGoo Christmas 2012
Woof! Remember the true meaning of Christmas is being kind, wuv and giving to all Woof!