Adding a new pet to the family will be exciting, rewarding and joyous if the proper considerations are given and expectations set. Before bring home a new pet, there are items that should be considered first, like the lifestyle of your household. Make the correct decision according to your needs, and commit to helping your new pet peacefully adjust to life in your home.

Tips To Consider For A New Pet

A new pet? Read this tips before bringing home a new pet

Consider Your Lifestyle With A New Pet

Small children often desire snuggly pets, but not every fluffy puppy makes a great addition to a family with little kids. For the sake of safety, choose carefully, analyzing breed and individual temperament. A great deal is determined by the personality and life experiences of the specific animal, but a few breeds of dogs, such as beagles and golden or Labrador retrievers, are especially famous for their amiability with kiddos and chaos. “These breeds are big and strong enough to withstand the inadvertent grabs and fall by young children, and they often listen and train well with older children,” reports Janet Tobiassen Crosby, DVM. If unsure, seek help from a professional. Most rescue organizations have staff available to help match you with a pet whose temperament best suits your family. “Many shelters are now trained to assist people in making a good ‘lifestyle choice’ in terms of how the dog accepts children (and) the type of busy-ness or quietness of the home,” says Dr. Crosby.

Use this time of visitation to evaluate health concerns as well. Although some children do grow out of allergies, it is unwise to commit to a pet hoping for such an outcome. To so do is to risk having to part with your beloved pet in the future or, worse, subjecting your child to discomfort or danger. Severe allergies can induce anaphylactic shock, a life-threatening condition associated with a rapid or irregular heartbeat, low blood pressure and impaired breathing.

Does your lifestyle allow for a new pet?

Additionally, take an accurate inventory of your family’s free time and amount of extra space. If each member of your household is on a consistently tight schedule and the house is often empty or has limited indoor space and no outdoor enclosure, a dog may not be the best choice. All dogs need exercise, social interaction and mental stimulation. Failure to provide these things will result in health and behavioral issues. Only commit to a dog if you can also commit to routine walks, backyard activities and regular obedience lessons. If both time and space are severely limited, choose perhaps a cat or other low-maintenance animal–one who is independent, satisfied to spend time alone, and able to relieve themselves without exiting the house.

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Preparing Your Home For A New Pet

Before bringing home your new pet, clear out the risky clutter. Secure loose electrical cords, store household chemicals on high shelves and remove plants, rugs, and breakables entirely.

When first introducing your pet to his new habitat, take him first to his designated bathroom area. Then, establish locations for his food and water bowls, bed and crate, as well as boundaries associated with certain rooms or pieces of furniture.

Then, acquaint the newcomer with other members of the household using only smells at first. For humans, offer your pet a piece of dirty laundry for each. For other animals, give each a quick rub down with a spare towel and swap them. With specific smells now familiar and a new presence expected by all, face-to-face introductions are safe, but go slowly and be patient.

As these adjustments are made, always reward your pet for good behavior with treats or games, which encourages the continuation of approved habits as well as bonding between you and your new pet.

Happy relationships between families and pets are formed when proper consideration is given to the choice of pet, and when the animal is patiently allowed to acclimate to his new surroundings. Years of special friendship and joyous memories are sure to follow.

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