Woof! Furiends, last month, I turned the iPaw over to our new member, Farley #cancerfightingninja. Well, since last month, Farley has the nasty dude, “C”; Grrr release the 1 million fleas now to attack this bad dude. No worries, Farley is a #cancerfightingnina, plus he has Mom and us behind him to help him fight this. To help him fight, Mom is giving him cannabis oil. What? Cannabis oil for dogs? Has our Mom fallen off the gravy train for good? Guess what, she may be on to something. #cannabisoilfordogs

Shih Tzu taking CBD to help ease cancer and chemotherapy

First, before I paw up more about this, I need to add this; always check with Doc first. Ask a lot of questions and make sure your Doc has given the high paws up to add any supplements. That barked, Mom asked about supplements to help Farley, not just to fight bad dude, to help him through chemotherapy.

You know our Mom! When she received the call from Doc stating that Farley has lymphoma, off to Goo(gle) she went and did a lot of digging. Woofeee, she dug up pawsome information, the item she dug up that cannabis oil for dogs helps with cancer and chemotherapy. She asked Doc about it after Farley’s chemotherapy; he stopped eating and drinking, Doc was helping with fluids and meds, still wasn’t working. When Mom brought it up to Doc, Doc agreed to try it; the cannabis oil had to be medical grade, not the stuff that can be found on the internet, this had to be through a medical dispensary. There are a lot of products that can be bought off the web, always show the product to your Doc for approval.

Farley was diagnosed with lymphoma and began CBD treatment

Benefits Of Cannabis Oil For Dogs

As Doc explained to Mom, she would prefer to have natural elements in Farley; in fact, for all of us vs chemicals. Since it is natural, there are very little to “0” side effects, where chemicals leave a kibble trail and can make us very sick with side effects. Woof! This is one benefit why cannabis oil; it is natural and has almost “0” side effects.

For dogs with nasty dude “C”, it will help ease discomfort when “C” is on attack. One thing that will help kill “C”, chemotherapy, the side effects can be just as bad as “C”. This is where cannabis oil, remember it is natural, will help get us back on our paws. Chemotherapy can make our tummy very upset and hurt, to the point where we will not eat or drink. Woof! This is what Farley has problems with, however, after Mom gave one cannabis oil treatment, not only did Farley begin eating and drinking, he jumped up on the couch! Hey! Wait a kibble moment! How come he is allowed up on the couch and we aren’t? Mom! We need to have a family meeting about this because I pawtest!

Farley Shih Tzu regains hungry with the help from cannabis oil

Mom knows that Farley’s lymphoma will not be cured, with CBD treatment, he will be able to enjoy daily life with a healthy appetite and thirst, with no pain. Furiends, isn’t that what our life is to be about? Our parents provide us with quality of life that includes great food, a lot of fresh water, and no pain so we can enjoy life. With a benefit like that, why not CBD treatment for us dogs?

Some Docs may not give approval for CBD treatment, they just aren’t as progressive thinking as our Doc and Mom.  And, there are products out there that are not of medical grade, pawlease get Doc’s approval first. Some products will have high levels of THC and chocolate, both of which may cause harm to us.

How Is Farley Doing?

After the first chemo treatment, Farley is making a big ninja kick to “C”. Before he did the treatment, there were over 20,000 bad dudes in him!! After the first treatment, 5 days after, he gave them a big ninja kick and brought it down to 11,000. Woofee! #FarleyCancerFightingNinja is in da house! Check out his reports

Farley handpainted by artist Nancy Buckenham

Furiends, would you parents consider CBD for you? Have you ever tried cannabis oil for seizures, pain, cancer, anxiety, etc? Did it work for you? Send me a paw note and let me know. Woof!

Woof! I hear Mom in the kitchen and that means food, for Farley, munchies BOL

Until next month, have a pawsome day


Just launched, in honor of Farley, Farley’s Green Paw Consulting. This is a pet cannabis consulting service for pet parents and veterinarians. They are assisting with product selection, dosing, and more.