Woof! What’s shakin’ furiends? I am! I wuv to get down and boogie oogie; shake my tail to a pawsome beat and wave my paws in the air, like I don’t care. Oh yeah, shake your groove thing, shake your groove thing, let me show you how it is done. ROFBOL I just crack myself up. Mom says that life is too short to take everything serious; and, I bark, live in the moment. Folks, just never know what the future holds. I don’t know about you, but, I can’t see around the corner, can you?

Mr MaGoo with frizzy hair
Did I make you laff? ROFBOL

Barking about seeing, I have news to share about my sister Carla Mae. Folks, Carla Mae is now my extra special sister; Mom just found out that she has cats in her eyes. That is right, cats! I know, I agree with you; how did cats get into Carla’s eyes? I have to share with you, I am confused too; I don’t think Mom explained it right to me. Time for me to go and Goo(gle) it (I wuv saying Goo(gle) it..bol); I bet I will be able to get to the bone of the matter. Go and grab a treat, make sure it is healthy one, come on back in a dash.

Mr MaGoo at the computer
Time to do research

Just what I thought, Carla doesn’t have cats in her eyes, she has cataracts. Furiends, living with Mom and trying to understand her is a full time job, she tries but she would be lost without me. Now Carla will need me too, she is blind due to these cataracts. Did you know that our eyes have a lens in each eye? When this item called a lens, has a lot of cloudy days, we are unable to see out around the clouds. Carla’s one eye has a lot of clouds and her other eye has a small amount of clouds. What this means is Carla’s eye with a lot of clouds, she is unable to see past or through the clouds and is 100% blind in this eye. Her other eye, has a small cloud; this means is not 100% blind in the eye. I don’t know about you furiends, I didn’t know that dogs can develop cataracts in our eyes, pawonder what causes this?

Carla Mae in a bed of stuff toys
Carla gets to enjoy all of these toys

Turns out, cataracts can develop from disease, old age and trauma to the eye, but inherited conditions are the most common cause; often cataracts come on when a dog develops diabetes. Carla? Did Mom have Doc run tests to see if you have diabetes? (Carla in the background Oh did she ever! I had to give this sample and that sample, no diabetes, just cataracts). Ok, thanks Carla! Oh kibble, even for us dogs, getting old is no day in the park. Don’t share this; even I notice that I am slowing down. However, cataracts often show up in us dogs that have a low thyroid. Yep, you guess it; Carla has hypothyroidism; no worries, Mom is on top of it and watches Carla very closely for any changes. Grrr, makes me very mad and upset when I can’t help Carla. Wait! I can help! I will walk beside her and be her guide on our walks.

Mr MaGoo guides Carla Mae
I am right here Carla

Now that I dug up about cataracts and the cause; will these cataracts disappear? Do I have to look deeply in Carla’s eyes and Grrr them out? Turns out, not that easy. Grrrr Vision loss due to cataracts can often be restored through surgery. Mom and Doc discussed this for Carla; however, she will not be a good surgical candidate for several reasons. The biggest reason, she still has a very small amount of vision in her right eye, Mom did not want to put Carla under any stress. Mom just found out that Carla’s liver is not functioning properly; Mom said that the risk was way too high to put Carla under the surgery. So I barked, what about nutrition?

As we all know, I wuv carrots; well, so does Carla. Well furiends, carrots have a vitamin called “A”; did you know that daily doses of Vitamin A can help reduce cataracts becoming more developed? And, did you know that Vitamin E taken too helps as well? This explains it all! Doc told Mom that Carla’s cataracts are very slow in developing; he asked Mom about Carla’s diet. She shared how she gives us Vitamin E every day and carrots once a day as a treat. He told her, that while she is unable to stop them from developing due to Carla’s thyroid and age, she can slow them down and to continue with “A” and “E”. Oh yeah, high paw to Mom on that one!

Mom told Carla that she is now extra beautiful and extra love and attention will be given to her. Furiends, didn’t know how to tell Mom this; Carla was always extra special to me and that I have lots of wuv to give to Carla, and lots of singing in her ear. She wuvs when I sing to her BOL

Mr MaGoo's sister Carla Mae
My beautiful sister

Do you have furiends with cataracts? Do they have clouds in their eyes? Now you know, cats are not in a dog’s eyes. BOL Do you have a story to share about vitamins and how they helped you? I wuv Goo mail, paw up a mail to me at RealDogsDontWhisper@gmail.com

Bark at ya later

Mr MaGoo

Mr MaGoo with Carla Mae
Keeping a close eye on Carla Mae