Mr Magoo with tennis ballWoof! Did you miss me?  Wow! Last month was super busy for my Mom and us.  First, we were getting back in the Goo Groove (like that?  I just made it up..BOL) from Santa Paws; then, we moved to a bigger place.  Get this! This place has a big park right out my front door! Talk about funnigans every day.

Just as we were getting settled, my dear sister Buffy, developed what we thought were seizures.  Turns out, she is experiencing  syncope events.  Yep, I had to Google (Goo that…BOL) that one; it means she is having fainting spells. Let me tell you, these events are super scary.

Why is she having these?  Per Doc, her heart is slightly enlarged.  Now, I have been telling both Mom and Doc her heart is so full of wuv that is why her heart is slightly enlarged.  No bone about, they agreed with me..of course they would, as if it would be any different.  However, they told me though it isn’t too much wuv causing this; her heart may have a bad guy in it, which is causing it to misbehave.  I say, let me at these bad guys Grrrr Mr MaGoo here to chase you out of town.  I am the new sheriff in town, Grrrr, now back off Grrrr.


Doc told Mom to begin her on Coenzyme Q10; ok, what the heck is that?  Turns out, this is a very important enzyme for us pets. It helps us curb periodontal disease, cardiovascular disease, hyperthyroidism, and diabetes, among other conditions.  As we get older, we produce less; since Buffy has Cushing’s and Cancer she is producing less and her heart needs it.  If sufficient levels of Coenzyme Q10 are not maintained, then the heart can weaken and be susceptible to malfunction resulting in insufficient blood circulation. This is especially critical in older animals since Coenzyme Q10 production drops significantly with age. 

A deficiency of Coenzyme Q10 in gum tissue cells can lead to periodontal dysfunction and may lead to pain, tooth loss, and malnutrition due to an inability to chew properly. Regular supplementation with Coenzyme Q10 provides nutritional support to keep gum tissue healthy.

Which is why Buffy (Mom tell us that we are going to be taking it too) is now on this. Mom first checked with doc and doc said yes; they both think that will only help my sister and prevent any bad guys for Carla and I. Double woof to that!

 Mr Magoo at play

Talk to your Doc about this supplement like our Mom did.  Here is to the Happy Paw Dance for a healthy heart.  Woof!


Bark At Ya Later,

Mr MaGoo