Woof! How is everypaw doing?  Now that the holidays are over, this means time to get our paws out and walk off those holiday pounds that most of us put on.  Of course, our Mom is a little crazy with all this walking; she even has us walking to the spa!  Woof!  Furiends, how is that right?  Aren’t we supposed to be going to the spa to rest, relax and be pampered?  Has she fallen off the gravy train again?  The Grr8 news, at least we don’t have to walk home from the spa.

Dogs love going to the groomer
We wuv the spa

Lately though, Mom has been telling us to stay very close to her; she furgets that we can sense her energy and know something isn’t right.  One morning, out on our regular walk, what was that scent?  Mom didn’t know it, we smelled danger; what was that smell?  At first, I thought I smelled a dog (sniff, sniff), yet it didn’t smell like one of us. (Sniff, sniff) What was this?  Oh my paw!  M-O-M! M-O-M!  Coyotes!  There they were, standing across the street looking at us as if we were their breakfast. M-O-M!  Do you not see them?  Whew! Mom sees them!  Furiends, happy to say that Mom got us home safe and sound.  The coyotes have been out a lot lately; any furiends having coyotes showing up?  I thought I would share safety tips to help keep us dogs safe from coyotes.

Coyotes out during mating season
Mom! Do you see the coyote coming for us?

The first tip, know when coyotes are active, this will help keep us dogs safe during these times.  Furiends, January through March, coyotes travel very long on the kibble trail to find, well ummm, other coyotes they want to get down and shake a paw with. (I think humans call this mating…hmmm, I think this sounds odd).  During these months, coyotes are angry because they can’t find others and often are hungry.  Tell your parents during these times, stay alert. 

Once they find the coyote they want to get down and shake a paw with, the female coyotes begin building dens as they prepare for pups.  Pups arrive around the April/May months and their Mom is going to be hungry and aggressive, be aware during these months too.  If you are like us, small dogs, stay very close to your parents; I know that you may like to walk behind and smell new scents, stay by your parents or slightly in front where you parents can watch you. 

Parents, if you see a coyote and we are small dogs, pick us up and yell very loudly at the coyote.  Woof! If you are like us, we like to stay outside in the yard, no more furiends.  When your parents call you, come in; parents, please do not leave us dogs out in the yard overnight.  

Coyotes prefer us little dogs, but with our parents’ help, we can remain safe against them.  Have you ever seen a coyote out on a walk?  What did you do to stay safe?  

Back to protecting our yard, at least from the kitchen door.  Grrr..coyotes stay away

Mr MaGoo


Mr MaGoo happy to be home
Guarding from our kitchen