Woof! Mom sent us out to help her dig up weeds, there was one that she told us to be careful and not harm, a dandelion. Ok Mom? Have you fallen off the kibble trail again? Dandelion leaves for dogs has amazing health benefits? Furiends, I am going to have to go and sniff this out. Come along with me as I explore if Mom is right. #dandelionsfordogs #pethealth

Dandelion leaves help dogs with digestive issues. Read more about this plant's amazing medical benefit.

Dandelion Leaves For Dogs Are Loaded With Vitamins

Turns out Mom was right! Not just dandelion leaves, in fact, the whole plant itself is loaded with vitamins and not just for us dogs, for our humans too. The dandelion plant is loaded with vitamins A, C, K, D and he B complex, as well as iron, manganese, phosphorus, and many other trace minerals. Woofee! This is one powerful plant. And, our body loves it! This is one item that our body takes in quickly and easily, plus, it is very easy for our parents to add to our food. Even for us picky eaters, we would never know it is there.

So, why is this a super plant? If you are like my sister Twinkle Star with a lot of tummy issues, the dandelion will help keep the tummy happy and less angry. Now, if you are like me, my bones are less happy, the dandelion leaves will help reduce arthritis. Mom’s eyes were leaking when she found out that the dandelion leaf could have helped with Carla Mae’s kidney disease. At least she now knows and will be able to add it to our diet should our kidneys get tired, like my bones.

Woof! You may be wondering how is our parents to give it to us. Well, they can go out in your yard, as long as your parents didn’t spray nasty stuff on them to keep bugs away or stop them from growing, pick them and bring them inside to dry. Once the dandelion has dried out, then, have your parents sprinkle 1 tsp onto your food. I heard Mom tell her sister, 1 teaspoon per 20 pounds.

Or, if your parents used stuff to keep the bugs away and from dandelions growing, they can get the extract here:

Dandelions for dogs has amazing health benefits

Let me know if your parents have ever used dandelions in your food. How was it? Did your liver become happy? Did they try dandelion tea? Share your stories! I love hearing from you. Off to go and dig up a few dandelions.