Woof! Woof!  It is no big secret that I am an explorer and like to sniff new things that come into my yard.  And, when I dig up an item that is bark worthy, I just have to paw up a note and share it with you.   Let me wipe off my drool before I share.  Ok, all clean; pull up your blanket and let me chew on your ear about my latest discovery.  I dug up a new movie called “Darling Companion“.  I know, I know, I am just that; “darling” and a pawonderful “companion”.  Arf! When I first chewed on the paper, I thought it was about me. After all, didn’t you think so too? After a few chews and sniffing a bit more, turns out it is about a rescue dog that brings a family together.  Wait! Sure this isn’t about me?  How could this not be about me?  Darling, check? Bringing a family together, check.  That is my job, to keep my family together.  Woof!

Sorry folks, couldn’t help myself.  BOL!  Seriously, April 20th, this movie will be opening and is not to be missed.  Let me share with you just a little sneak preview.  

Darling Companion

On the side of a busy freeway, a woman finds the love, devotion, commitment, and courage she needs – all wrapped up in a bloodied stray dog who becomes her “darling companion.” When the beloved canine goes missing, a shaggy-dog search adventure plays out, drawing together friends and family and rekindling a lifelong love. 

Diane Keaton in Darling Companion

Now, Mom tells me there are famous humans in this movie.  If you ask me, this movie isn’t famous until I am in it.  Woof!  Seriously, I am not certain who these humans are; do you know Diane Keaton and Kevin Kline?  I had to Google them and I never saw them in my yard; have they visited yours?  Any woof, Mom says they are purrety famous and are Grr8.

Kevin Kline in Darling Companion

Remember folks, I howled this to you first. Nothing gets by my yard, double woof! 

Are you going to join me April 20th to see pawsome movie? Also, who is with me on this; these humans, Diane and Kevin need to read Real Dogs Don’t Whisper? Why, I will even put my paw print in it for them.  If you see them, have their big dog contact my Mom.

Bark at you later,
Mr MaGoo