Woof! April is here and almost gone, what the kibble! April brings fresh fruits, herbs, and flowers; making this a perfect month to share DIY aromatherapy recipes safe around our pets, around children, and makes the home smell, yummy!

Organic Aromatherapy Recipes

Woof! Trust me, these are easy peasy to do and your home will smell so good. The bonus, these aromatherapy recipes are organic, using fresh fruit and herbs, no chemicals. Which means furiends, these are safe around us pets, children, the whole house. Now, that is pawsome!

Citrus Aromatherapy Recipe

Furiends, this one is very simple and doesn’t take a lot of time for your parents to make. All that is needed is a stove, pot, water, drops of an essential oil (vanilla or mint for instance), fruit peels and fresh sprigs of a herb (rosemary or dill for instance). Bring a pot of water to a simmer, not boiling; add a few drops of an essential oil. Let that simmer for a minute, then add in slices of fruit (grapefruit, lemon, oranges) and the fresh sprigs of herb. Within minutes, you will be able to smell how beautiful the house is becoming, at that point, turn the heat down to low. The average time it will last is approx 1 hr, of course depends on your stove settings.

DIY citrus aromatherapy recipe is safe around pets and your home

What is Grr8 about this recipe, this can be seasonal. Maybe in the fall/winter months would like to add apples, cranberries. Basically, any favorite fruit, oil, and herb is a pawfect combination.

Room Freshener Recipe

Mom has these all over our home and each room has a different scent without any toxins. All she did was take a small glass bowl, filled it halfway with baking soda and she added 20 to 30 drops of an essential oil. All she did was stir and BAM, instant freshener! To keep the room fresh, she stirs the powder every week; she has been doing this a month and the powder smells as yummy as it did the first day she made it. In our bedroom, she used lavender oil; in the bathrooms, she used sweet orange; and in our kitchen, she used lemon oilBaking soda with essential oils safe for pets

Does your parents do any DIY organic aromatherapy recipes for your home? If so, please share! The more we can learn from each other, the better! Us pets need to stick together, sharing pawsome ideas like this, does just that. Plus, while our parents may not admit it, these recipes are safe for them too. And, if you have children in the house, pawfect for them too.

Until next month furiends