Woof! Well furiends, as I was settling down, pulling out my iPaw and about to paw up a note or two; Mom comes along and just like before for Twinkle Star, she shares she is writing this blog. OMD, really? Once again, she thinks she is going to be more interesting and entertaining than I. (Mr Magoo! Wrap it up, I need to use the computer, steps coming into the office) Oh kibble! Here she comes, before I go, I have to share with you how pawsome Twinkle Star is doing.  She had her first meet and greet with a very nice lady, who may adopt her.  How tail waggin’ cool is that?  You know folks, that little girl has really come a long way in such a short time.   She is still searching for her own Mom, visit www.hssv.org and help her find her furever home.

Twinkle Star with Real Dogs Don't Whisper
Twinkle Star growing into a young lady

Speaking of Mom’s, mine is standing right behind me, her hands on hips, shaking her head and sighing.  Oh, oh; I better go before I am in the doghouse, again. (Not happy about this! This blog doesn’t say “Mom’s Shenanigans Blog.  No! It clearly states Mr MaGoo’s Shenanigans Blog; her and I are going to have to sit down and bark this out.  That is, if she would listen to the trainer, “sit” and “stay”)

Hello again to Mr MaGoo’s readers, I realize that you all have come to appreciate updates and ramblings from Mr MaGoo.  Well, it appears, yet again another amazing rescue came into my life.  Just like Twinkle Star’s, totally unexpected; and this one too, carry’s a message that we should all try to do each and every passing day.  Like Twinkle Star, she is a Pitbull, sadly to say many typically will stereotype this breed without even giving a dog a chance.  As many of you have been following her journey, she has a huge heart and she is ever so gentle.  Much like her story, I am going to share with you the latest rescue, that too, captures that what may seem on the surface to be one way, and, is not often not the case.

The story begins on April 20 2013 around 3:30pm, when I noticed painters pointing and shaking their head in my neighbor’s back yard.  While I didn’t understand what was being said, I had a gut feeling that it wasn’t good.  See, I moved into this neighborhood a little over a year ago; upon moving in, I noticed my neighbor had two massive Bulldogs.  Throughout the year, they would bark loudly and frequently; so much, another neighbor complained.  As the year went on, the noise became less; and within the past three months, not one bark.  Which brings me back to my gut feeling, my intuition was kicking in and I had to go outside and try to make sense of if.  

I went outside, made small talk with the painters; after several minutes, they shared that they thought there was a dead dog in the yard.  I asked if I could climb up the ladder to take a glance over the fence.  What I saw next, I wasn’t prepared for.   As I looked over, Miracle (name I gave her) was on the ground and extremely emaciated; she opened her eyes and tried to lift her head up off the ground.  I do not remember coming down the ladder, I do not remember my feet touching the ground.  What I do remember is pounding on my neighbor’s door; what I do remember is very calmly requesting permission to get Miracle help; what I do remember are all the things I wanted to say to this woman.  At first the woman was hesitant to give me her dog, within five minutes, it was agreed that I would take Miracle to my vet.

Miracle Real Dogs Don't Whisper
Miracle right after I took her

I had my speech already prepared in case I would have happened to get pullover for speeding, let’s just say, I kept it safe (no action darting between cars); however, I didn’t exactly go the speed limit either.  Later during the vet appointments, my primary vet saw her first, and it was suggested that I admit her into urgent care for overnight monitoring; both vets stated that if she would not have made it through to another week.  Validating her name, Miracle.  While at urgent care, they would not begin treatment unless the owner was present; just based on the short conversation at the door; I sensed that the woman may not have a grasp to reality.  Once again, Speed Racer to the highway to bring back my neighbor, I was successful not only locating her but also having come with me to urgent care.

Miracle Real Dogs Don't Whisper
Miracle and I on the way to urgent care

The next three hours sitting at urgent care, I was not prepared for, you see folks there are two victims to this case.  Clearly Miracle is one and over the course of the evening, it became very clear, the woman suffers from mental illness.  My heart was just torn to pieces and I felt so helpless as I sat and listened to her explain things to the vet and myself.  I am far from a mental professional, what I do know and understood, she too needed medical assistance.  And then, all things I remembered I wanted to say to her became trivial; now, I found that things that I did need to say to her had changed.  The anger I had inside, gone and replaced with compassion.  I, like most, seeing Miracle wanted to scream awful mean and hateful things to her; however, I opened myself to her and somewhere within inside her, she trusted and showed her vulnerability.  What if I had held onto the resentment and anger?  

Miracle receives medical attention
Miracle receiving medical treatment

At the end of the vet visit, she signed ownership of Miracle to me, allowing me to begin Miracle on her beautiful journey.  Sunday, April 21st, I was able to pick up Miracle from urgent care.  With things all considering, her tests came back normal; she kept both food and water down overnight.  Needless to say, she melted the hearts of everybody at the clinic.  When I say she is a love bug, I am not kidding; she loves to give big kisses, wants her tummy rubbed and loves children.  

Upon coming home with Miracle, I knew I was in a little over my head; my babies and Twinkle Star was here too and now Miracle.  Right about then, I prayed to God for a miracle, to help me find her a foster home.  I spent a hour sending out multiple emails to every Bulldog rescue within a reasonable distance to San Jose, CA.  Within two hours, I received a response from, Northern California Bulldog Rescue; Mary Aiken contacted me with one short response: “we will take her.”  Since Miracle was an English Bulldog, she met the requirements for the organization.  Mary and I spoke and it was agreed that I would take Miracle back to my primary vet on Monday for boarding; Miracle turned out to be dog aggressive and with her health needs too, I was a little overwhelmed.  That is me for you though, I jump right in and always say “I will figure it out later”.  Later in the day, I joked with a friend and described my home this way; “Welcome to my home, I should say dysfunctional home.  First, I would like for you to meet Twinkle Star, she loves dogs and afraid of people.  Second, meet Miracle; loves people and dislikes dogs.  Over here is Mr MaGoo and Mini Me; both think they are Pitbull/Bulldog mix.  And my Carla Mae who appears to be having an identity crisis right now, she thinks she is a cat.”  You know what folks?  While funny, this house was filled with so much love, that I cried and told God thank you for this rare and beautiful moment.

Miracle has a toy
Miracle enjoying toy and new bed

Monday came and it was time to take Miracle to my vet for boarding until Mary arrived back in town, Wednesday.  Now for those that know me, understand that in that short amount of time, I was attached and more importantly, I began to spoil Miracle.  I bought her a fleece bed, a toy, her own bowls and her own food; all of which I labeled with her name “Miracle”, packed her new items and her into my car.  Then it hit me as I was handing the leash over to my vet and I was crying hysterically; to the point where I was trying to run it through my head, how could I make this work.  I knelt door on the floor with Miracle, thanked her for trusting me and that I was sorry she couldn’t stay with me.  My tears are dropping down on her face like a water facet, with her in turn licking my face as if to say “I understand and thank you for saving my life.”  Be still my heart!  She then trotted off, like she knew, this was the start of her new life.

Miracle begins her new journey
Miracle begins her new journey

I know, must of you want to know; how is Miracle?  What is the latest?  What does she look like?  I am ever so happy to share, she is doing amazing!  When I took her that Saturday, she barely weighed 33 pounds, within one week, she put on 7 pounds and at this time additional weight too.  Mary has shared that she is super sweet and amazingly, soft mouthed; meaning no aggression with toys or food.  Mary has placed her with rescue volunteers, and, they have been ever so kind to share these incredible photos.  

Miracle gains weight
Miracle begins to show improvement

I would take this time to say thank you to everyone that assisted with Miracle’s vet bills.  As I mentioned earlier, I did not know how I was going to manage and that thought did not occur to me until hours later that night.  I didn’t blink an eye; I just said “whatever she needs, let’s get it done.”  Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.  Miracle’s journey is just beginning; may I kindly ask to assist NoCal Bulldog Rescue too?  It will be too long that Miracle will be available for adoption, that is, if her foster parents do not keep her.  🙂  Who could blame them?  Bookmark their site to stay updated

Miracle and treat
A treat! Yummy!

Next week, Mr MaGoo will be back to entertain you with his ramblings.  As I get ready to hand the keyboard back over to Mr MaGoo, I leave you with this; do you believe in miracles?  Do you believe that God places people into our life for a reason?  And, the next time an event that appears to be one way on the surface; will the extra step be taken to see if there may be another story underneath?  I know, I learned a valuable lesson here, we all have a story and maybe we just need someone to take the time to listen and help us through. 

Miracle performs
Look! I have strength to perform

 Miracle would like to say…..

Miracle melts hearts
Miracle embraces her future with a big thank you and hug to everyone <3


Thank you!

(Mr MaGoo here, see why I don’t let Mom on the iPaw? OMD, does she not know what “short and sweet” means?) 



12 Replies to “Do You Believe In Miracles? If Not, Meet Miracle, A Dog Who Restores Our Faith In Miracles”

  1. You mentioned that the original owner had 2 dogs do you know what happened to the other one?

    1. Hi Elizabeth

      Boy, that is a great question! Now, I was told that the other Bulldog was with family. What I do know for sure, was not present at the time I pulled Miracle. To this day, still no sign of any dog. Trust me, I am keeping a close eye and ear


  2. Thanks you so very much for doing this for this amazing dog. How anyone could do this I’ll never know. My cocker spaniel is like my baby. Right now he is at my feet. He just turned 9 a few weeks ago and we love him so much. He is so much company to me after loosing my special needs daughter years ago. He is my 3rd cocker. My first was right after the death of our daughter, they are always ahoy to see you. They need a little and give back so much. God Bless you for the wonderful thing you did for this dog. We need more people like you in the world.
    Kathryn B. Beall/Baton Rouge, Louisiana

    1. Hi Kathryn,

      Thank you for your kind words, I am so sorry for your loss. I too had a Cocker Spaniel, Buffy, she was beautiful; sad to say, before she came to me, she faced abuse.


  3. I hope Miracle continues to progress nicely without any issues. She is a beautiful baby!!! She deserves the best! I’m so happy she got a second chance!!!! Good luck Miracle!!!

  4. The world needs more unselfish people like all of you. Thank goodness there are some. I hope Miracle and all the other rescues are doing well and finding loving forever homes. I wish they all could be saved!

  5. Great lady, THANK YOU for saving this wonderful dog. So glad she lived. I had tears in my eyes when I saw her Picture so skinny, Thank God for you and the painters. GOD BLESS EVERYONE that had helped this sweet pup. You all have a heart of gold 🙂 We need more people like you all. GOD BLESS YOU ALL, and Miracle good luck to you sweetie you deserve the best care.

  6. Hi Mary,

    Thank you for coming to Miracle’s rescue too. Everything just aligned perfectly and I know that is often not the case. This was meant to be


  7. Kelly: You were in the right place at the right time for her. Her future is bright. Her foster mom is one of our most experienced foster homes. She couldn’t be in better hands.

    Mary Aiken

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