Woof, woof, it’s me again!Your lovable, four-legged furiend, Mr. Magoo coming’ at ya from Cyberspace.I thought I would share a story with that just warmed my furry little heart. Mom found this article online called “ Deformed Puppy, Rescued From Trash, Learns To Walk.” My first reaction was what kind of clowns would throw a little puppy in the trash.GRRR!!! I’ll get ’em. Where are they?



Harper the deformed dog running
Harper, what a smile!!!

Ahem. Anyways, it seems this little guy (named Harper) was thrown in the trash because he was born with a deformity called “swimmer puppy syndrome.” Poor little dude couldn’t hold his own head up or walk.

Lucky for my furiend, Harper, this woman rescued him from his prison of a garbage bag. Just like mom rescued my sisters and I. Harper was taken to a shelter where the vet thought that they would have to put him to sleep. I barked “NOOOOO!” when mom read me this part.

But thanks to a woman named, Daniel at the local shelter in Florida, Harper now has a second chance at life. He is walking thanks to daily exercises in hydrotherapy (that means swimming in water, folks).


Harper in water
Look at those baby blues

I’d like to take a tail wagging moment here and thank mom for rescuing not only me but also my sisters from some pretty nasty situations. Though it was really me who rescued her, but don’t tell her that. Betty Boop reminds me a lot of Harper in a way. I mean if mom had given up on her, where would she be? I shudder to think about it.


Betty Boop four months old
Betty Boop at 4 mos

I’ve got a new motto – don’t buy a puppy, rescue one! You won’t be sorry. There are a lot of doggies out there that need YOUR help. Adopt a dog and you will have a furiend for life.

My eyes appear to be leaking, need to go and take care of this leak (shhh don’t tell anyone that this got me all gushy, mushy).



Until next time, folks.

Mr MaGoo


Mr MaGoo