Woof! It’s been a whirlwind July.  Mom and I have been on a book tour promoting our (my) book Real Dogs Don’t Whisper.  It’s been a tail wagging good time seeing all these people who lined up just to see yours truly.  Mom really thinks they are there to see her, but really, whose picture is on the cover?  Me, that’s right. Kelly Preston at Petco event

Real Dogs book signing at Warwicks

But really I’d like to tell you all about something real important to my mom, sisters and I.  And that’s the FACE Foundation, for which mom manages their Facebook page.  I’ll let her have that one, since she’s the smarty with the online marketing degree. 


I’ve got to tell you folks, that is an PAW-SOME organization.  I give it all four paws in the air!  FACE ( The Foundation For Animal Care and Education) is a non-profit group that provides access to financial grants for owners who are unable to pay part of or the whole cost of their pet’s emergency or critical care.  Without these terrific humans, pets would be put to sleep.  And no pet should die before their time. 

FACE Foundation logo

 My sisters and I are sooooo lucky that we have a human who loves and cares for us no matter what. And who is able to provide for our healthcare.  Betty Boop, Carla Mae and Buffy are all special needs dogs, but really to me they’re just special.  And let me tell ya, life with us has not been a piece of cake.  Oooh cake!  Woof, woof, that’s sounds good.  Okay, Magoo, keep your mind and paws on the task at hand. 

So mom and I put our heads together and thought what better way to give back, but to donate a portion of the proceeds from my book to them.  Check them out here http://www.face4pets.org./