Dog Food Toppers – Seasonings

pawTree pet food super seasonings are loaded with antioxidants

Is your dog a picky eater? These dog food toppers not only entice your dog to eat, the seasoning delivers eight (8) powerful antioxidants per serving.

Say goodbye to unhealthy dog food toppers that in the past were made from gravies, corn starch, powders. Enter pawTree pawPairings® for dogs and cats. Simply sprinkle the seasoning on top of your dog’s existing food, no need to change food or worry about blending different foods together. Their pawPairings eliminate the worry and guesswork, enhancing your dog’s diet with eight (8) superfoods.

Dog food toppers are now healthy and loaded with antioxidants.

The pawPairings are made in USA, developed by veterinarians and animal nutritionists. They stand behind their products, offering 100% satisfaction guarantee. Additionally, they give back to charities, helping both pets and people making a difference in communities.

Eight Antioxidants For Dogs

Imagine a dog food topper loaded with superpowers? pawTree’s dog food toppers are loaded with antioxidants to boost a dog’s immunity. The superfoods that are within each bottle are: blueberries, pumpkin, kale, carrots, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, cranberries, and pomegranates. If your dog is a picky eater, the concern always is, your dog receiving nutrients to help keep them healthy and thriving. A concern for senior dogs and dogs with medical special needs, are they receiving the proper amount of nutrition.

There are several flavors to select from, including regional cuisines like Asian, Italian, and Mexican. Not only are these nutritious how fun! Your dog can join you for Taco Tuesday with their own Mexican dog food topper. Additional flavors are beef, chicken, chicken liver, salmon, duck, and turkey.

Free Samples

Not certain if this is ideal for your dog or cat? Not sure which flavor your pet would like best? For a limited time, they are offering free samples, this includes free shipping and handling. The sample packet comes with three flavors, nice portions of each, which helps you make the best decision for your dog’s food topper.

Free samples of dog food toppers.

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