Dog Osteoarthritis is very deliberating and can be frustrating to treat. Up until recently, very few options were available, often coming with unwanted side effects.

HempMyPet Hemp Extract Oil

HempMyPet just published their findings surrounding a case study they conducted with independent veterinarians and cannabinol (CBD dominate) hemp oil extract.

The study was performed over a course of ninety (90) days and the results are not only astonishing, but they are also very encouraging for veterinarians and pet parents seeking alternatives over pills for their dog’s pain management.

Just a few highlights from the study

  • 32 dogs completed the study
  • 23 dogs were taking Gabapentin before the study for pain management

The results?

  • 30 dogs showed significant discomfort
  • 21 dogs were able to cease or reduce taking Gabapentin

View the study here

HempMyPet's case study with amazing results using CBD-rich, hemp extract oil for dog osteoarthritic.

Dog Osteoarthritis  – Definition

Dog osteoarthritis may be referred to as Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD), often found in larger breed dogs and dogs that are seniors. At this time, there is no known cure, early detection is the best medicine as they say.

What occurs, the cartilage will deteriorate, creating inflammation of the joints. As the joints become inflamed, this disease will become more progressive and worsen over time.