Woof! So, according to the calendar, it is September; however, it is still H-O-T!  May I go on the kibble trail and state that us Lhasa’s wuv cooler weather. For us Lhasa’s that are matured (just makes us wiser is what I bark..bol!), warmer temperatures send us hiding in dark cool places, drinking lots of water.  Did you know that for us dogs, most of our weight comes from water?  Over 80% of our body weight is water, for our parents, 60% of water makes up their weight.  That is a lot of water inside us dogs, which makes it very important to tell your parents to keep our water dishes full (with clean water, more on that down the trail).

Dogs need water after play time
Woofee I am movin fast, workin’ up a thirst for water


 Why the fuss over water you may bark?  Furiends, did you know that water is responsible to help us digest food (where is my treat?), keeps our blood movin’ and groovin’, and, helps us do “our business” removing bad dudes called toxins.  Here is the catch though, if the water is dirty (yuck!), not possible.  When there are bad dudes entering our bodies, Mom calls it “back-tier-e-a” (what a weird word!), they take over our organs making us feel yucky.  If your parents are like our Mom, she is always cleaning our bowls and throwing out water, filling it up with fresh water.  “Back-tier-e-a” wuvs to hang out in our bowls, waiting to pawty with another bad dude called “fun-guy”.  The last time I checked, the only fun-guy was me, Mini Me too and we certainly do not make any of our furiends feel yucky.  If your parents do not clean your bowls every day and replace yucky water with clean water, go bark at them immediately and ask them to begin to today.  This one small move, will help you stay at home feeling Grr8 and not have to go and see Doc.

Fresh, clean water is best for dogs
Fresh, clean water is best for us dogs

What?!  You drink from your human’s BIG, WHITE bowl?  One word, nasty!  Did you know that there are “back-tier-e-a” there too?  Or, do you eat grass with water on it?  Same bad dude there too!  This happened to my sister Buffy, she ate some grass, that grass was part of recycled water, which made her very sick and she almost passed away.  I remember as a young pup visiting her in the place, they had lots of tubes in her (scary!), they called it “I-C-U”.  Buffy had a team of doctors around her, giving her lots of care and wuv.  They shared with Mom that Buffy picked up Giardia and that it normally comes from recycled water, especially when other humans do not pick up after their furbabies.  Furiends, that BIG, WHITE bowl has the same bad dude.  Do not go near the BIG, WHITE bowl; look away and use your bowl. 

Above all else, water is the most important item for us dogs.  Going back to the beginning of this trail, us dogs are made up of 80% water, that means we need it every day.  Did you know that if we lose as little as 10% of our water, it may cause death?  Water contains this item called “ox-e-gen”, now this is a pawsome dude! “Ox-e-gen” is vital of us dogs to live and we can receive it through fresh, clean water. When our water sits out for, not only does it become dirty, it becomes stale.  Furiends, when our water is stale, that means “ox-e-gen” has left our bowls.  YIKES!   Stale water can make us very sick, causing urinary tract infections, gastrointestinal distress or kidney problems.  No thank you! 

Now that you understand the importance of clean, fresh water for dogs; I bark to you, will your bowls be cleaned and served frequently with clean, fresh water?  Barking about all this water, I am thirsty, time to go have a gulp or two of water.

Mr MaGoo

Dog staying cool
Nice cool on this floor