Woof! Friends, how is your summer?  Can you believe that summer is almost over?  Most important question; are you having fun?  Perhaps a day at the beach?  Oh yeah, us dogs enjoy beach time too! The sand between our paws feels cool, the smells are delightful, the sun feels Grr8 and the surf is way too much fun.  Dogs enjoy beach time probably more than our parents.  Woof! #dogsenjoybeachtime #dogsafetyatbeach 

Dogs enjoy beach time just like humans
Come on Mom, let’s go to the beach

Hold your kibble, before running towards the beach, let’s keep it safe.  Pupsters, we need to review a few tips to ensure that you are safe while playing in the sand and surf.

  • Don’t forget your jacket No, I am not barking about the jacket that you wear out shopping; I am barking about the lifejacket.  Our parents may not know this, not all us dogs can swim and need this special jacket to keep our head above water.  Do I dare mention this about myself? Well, only since I want to help save lives; see, I can’t swim and need a lifejacket, even in the pool.  Now Carla Mae and Mini Me, they are Olympic swimmers; Mom still has them wear a lifejacket, she says she is not taking any chances.
  • Do not drink the water  What? I know, you probably think I lost my gravy train, trust me on this, do not drink the water.  Woof!  See, even though you may be swimming in this big bathtub called the ocean, it is not the same water that is in your dish at home. The water in the ocean has a lot, and I mean a lot, of salt.  Drinking water from the ocean will make our stomach hurt very bad.  Make sure your parents pack fresh water for you, tummy aches are no fun and no one wants to go and see Doc.  Do not drink the waterDogs enjoy playing at the beach
  • Be careful where you step Arf! I get it! We are dogs and exploring is just us and at times, we just explore in places where we may get hurt.  Arf! The ocean floor is an area that may hurt our paws from shells, rocks, coral and these funny looking things called jellyfish.  Hmm, pawonder if they are filled with jelly that is flavored? (Ok Mom, thanks for the information…jeez, she really needs to stop peeking over my head…BOL). Have your parents inspect your paws and legs when you are done playing, just to make sure you don’t have a cut or scrape.

These easy peasy beach going tips, will help your parents keep us dogs safe at the beach, and we will still be able to have a lot of fun.  I am all about funningans ; who is ready for the beach? Do you go to the beach often?  Share your beach adventures.