Woof! Can you believe we are in a new year?  Oh my kibble, where did the time go?  I chase squirrels, birds and even Carla Mae, I tried chasing time but it always slips out of my paws.  What is up with that?  That is fine, time can run as fast as it wants, Goo Meister lives in the moment and I do not worry about time.  Is it I or is worrying about time a thing that our parents do?  Our humans really need to take a clue from us, every day is a new day with 86,400 (oh yeah, I had to Goo-gle that..bol) fun moments!!

Mr MaGoo enjoying New Year's Eve
Oh yeah, we are taking a moment to enjoy the day

Now, the humans do this exercise at the start of a new year that we may want to consider doing too.  Arf!  They make something called resolutions; if you ask me, sounds a lot like pawmorises they make to themselves.  This had me pawondering, why shouldn’t we make resolutions too? After all, we will do a much better job at keeping these pawmorises than our parents.  BOL!  Maybe we could help them?  If we create ones that our parents can do with us, what a better way to show our parents how Grr8 we are; how much we wuv them; and truly the leaders we are!  You can thank me later on that!

I don’t know about your parents, our Mom wuvs to exercise, if you ask me, she goes way over the kibble on it!  Nevertheless, exercise is excellent for you and your parents.  Grab your leash, bark up a storm, get yourself and your parents out! How about a little rock climbing?  Or, tree climbing to make it fun?  Ok, start slow; walking around the block will help get you (parents too) off that couch, burn off those howliday treats and get you movin’ and groovin’.  Furiends, no exercise, well, makes you fluffier and not in the cute way.  Extra folds are just not sexy, get up off that couch and work it!

Mr MaGoo showing off his rock climbing skills
We did it! We climbed this big rock!!

Speaking of exercise, the next pawmorise to make is to eat better and healthier.  Exercise and proper nutrition go together, just can’t do one and expect pawsome results.  Get this!  By you asking your parents to help you eat a healthy diet, this will have your parents looking at the way they eat and may even jump on this pawmorise.  Yes, again you may thank me!  BOL!  Begin with the treats, refuse store bought treats, make your own.  Do you wuv sweet potatoes?  Simply bake sweet potatoes, sprinkled with cinnamon and olive oil…yummy!!! Now for the main course, put your paw down here too!  Ask your parents to read the label, what is the first, second and third items listed?  Does it sound something like this; “corn, soybean meal, beef and bone meal, ground wheat flour, animal fat..?” If so, run as fast as you can!!!!  This is not healthy!!  What does a healthy label sound like?  Furiends, something like this; “Beef, beef heart, beef liver, beef kidney, apples, carrots, butternut squash, ground flaxseeds..” Now, this is healthy!! With food that has excellent ingredients like this, you actually need less to feel full.  Woofeee to that!  Not convinced? Check out all the benefits that flax seed can provide, 16 are listed provided by NutriInspector ! That is pawsome in our yard.

Mr MaGoo with grapefruit and orange
Mom, not sure if we like grapefruits and oranges? How about some blueberries?

Now that I have barked about exercise and nutrition, how are your table manners?  Do you find yourself sitting by the table waiting for that piece of food to drop?  I know; you are volunteering to help keep the floor clean, dude, I get it!  Pssst, let me share a secret with you, not cool to sit by the table while your parents are eating.  First, remember extra food creates folds and that is not sexy.  Second, well, it is just annoying; no matter how cute and puporable you are (of course, I am beyond puporable!), begging is just not cute.  Yes, I know “puppy dog eyes” come in handy, save “thee look” for vacations, spa days, and steak.  BOL

Mr MaGoo working his puppy cute look
I know how to pour on the charm

I am going to leave you with one more pawmorise that is the most important one; enjoy every moment with wuved ones!  Oh I know; our parents can make us go into tail chasing moments.  I lost count how many times I went up the steps, grumbling at Mom.  As soon as I reach the top of the steps, I totally furgot what I was grumbling about.  How pawsome is that?!  One simple sentence, “let it go”; furiends, no matter how big the problem may be, let it go and enjoy your time with those that wuv you.  Treasure 86,400 moments in a day, because once it passes, it is just that, the past.  God gave us as a gift to our parents, only sad thing, He will call on us to return to Heaven all too soon.  The humans say that life is too short; well, this is one time that I have to give two paws up, they are right (this time! Can’t let them know they are right too many times!).  Every day, let your furiends and parents know you wuv them; shower them with hugs and kisses.  What about those that you have yet to meet?  Simply be kind; share your toys, food, blankets, and time.  Lend a paw out to listen, to help, to hold, to laugh with; or, even cry with.  Just be kind to all, treat those, as you would like to be treated.

Easy peasy pawmorises to keep 86,400 per day!  When your parents (and other humans) see you doing this, they will too.  Now, raise your bowl; tip your bowl to being healthy, kind and wuvving doing 2013!


Mr MaGoo

Mr MaGoo enjoying last day in 2012
Remember furiends, have fun