One thing’s for sure. Here at Real Dogs Don’t Whisper, we love our furry friends so much. Mr. MaGoo would be very proud and honored that we have kept his mission alive. That is, raising awareness for special needs pets, nutritional support, and healthful tips for pet parents.

Keeping our dogs and cats safe and healthy is key. That’s why elderberry extract for pets is an excellent choice in holistic health for pets.

Elderberry’s Herbal Roots

The beautiful elder tree with its shrub-like shape naturally contains amazing flowers and berries that have been used medicinally for many, many generations.

Not only is the herb effective for the health of humans but it also has immune booster properties for pets when added to their diet.

In addition, elderberry extract provides antioxidant protection for pets.

Elderberry extract for pets provides amazing health benefits

A Strong Immune System

A strong immune system is essential for people of all ages, and the same concept applies to our pets.

The immune system includes the organs, tissues, cells, and proteins.

We get sick, and our pets do as well. Kennel cough is something that dogs can develop in their respiratory systems. It creates a hacking cough that sounds like goose-honking.

The benefits of elderberry extract for pets are several, and keeping your dog breathing soundly is just one aspect of adding these herbal drops to your furry companion’s diet, especially as soon symptoms start.

Elderberry extract for pets can be given to your cat for a runny nose/sneezing.

Elderberry extract for pets, with hemp, CBD immune boosting

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Antioxidant Protection For Pets

Elderberry contains an exceptional nutritional resume. The berries are rich in vitamins and minerals, dietary fiber, and vitamin C.

The herb has the following flavonols, quercetin, kaempferol, and isorhamnetin (antioxidants) believed to ease inflammation, reduce stress and maintain heart health.

You can imagine the power of elderberry extract for pets’ immunity support.

Holistic Health Advantages

Many people choose a holistic approach for themselves and holistic health for pets.

Natural remedies often hold the key to good health.