Woof! Here we are again, the end of yet another year. Woofee what an amazing year it has been for our family, how about yours? One thing that has been amazing, Mom discovered how important essential oils for dogs are, they help us in so many ways. Do your parents know how pawsome essential oils are? Not just for us dogs, for them too.Mr MaGoo and essential oils has helped with his anxiety

Benefits of Essential Oils

Furiends, this is one item that has multiple issues. There are essential oils that help keep us calm, there are oils that help with inflammation, there are oils that help with our hair growth. I could keep digging and barking about all the benefits of essential oils, instead, I think I will howl about a few to help get your parents going.

Let’s begin with us dogs that have anxiety, yes, that includes me. Lavender essential oil will help keep us cool, calm, and collective. Plus, Mom says it smells Grr8! Mom also found out that if our skin is angry, lavender helps calm the skin too. One method to help us smell lavender, spray our beds and blankets. Or, if your parents like lavender, they can wear it around the house.

Woof! What? Your hair just will not grow? Did you know that peppermint or rosemary essential oils will help with hair growth? Mom used a blend of both for Farley went he lost his hair and in a short amount of time, his hair was growing back. Plus, I have to admit, he was the best smelling dog on the block. I have to bark a very big warning, a little bit of either oil will work; put too much on the skin and the skin will begin burning, ouch!

(Sneeze! Sneeze!) Bless you! What is that? You have a runny nose and can’t breathe? No problem! Just have your parents dap a little lemon and eucalyptus oils to the back of your neck. In no time you will be able to begin breathing better. A few other oils that help in the same way are; cinnamon, peppermint, rosemary, and thyme. In fact, your parents can apply a small amount on the bottom of your paws too.

Woof! I could bark and howl all day about the importance of essential oils for us dogs, and, they help our parents too. Have your parents tried using essential oils for you? Did it work? Would love to hear how they helped you.

Bark at ya later, time for a nap

Mr MaGoo

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