Woof! Can you feel it?  Fall is in the air, the evenings are getting cooler; the sad part, the sunshine is beginning to hide earlier.  Woofee, I like the cooler weather though, Mom not so much, I just bark to her to grow fur.  BOL  She just rolls her eyes at me as if I fell off the gravy train.  You know what though?  She is my best friend; in fact, my sbilings agree and we have made her our best friend too.  Even if she is a crazy lady at times!

Mr MaGoo ready to play
I am always ready to play, wanna join me?

Furiends, ever wonder how our relationship with humans even began?  After all, we are descents of the wolf; you should hear me try to howl, not very impressive I tell ya! Do you wuv picture stories?  I know I do! I thought you may enjoy this picture story this week, explaining how us dogs through the years became very important in the lives of humans.  Check it out (or below)

After you read this story, whacha think?  More importantly, can you howl?  Don’t you just wuv the simple answer why us dogs and humans are best friends?  

Bark at ya later

Mr MaGoo


Mr MaGoo trying to how
This is me trying to howl LOL

How Dogs Became Our Best Friends Uncommon Dog