A dog barking excessively is troublesome, for everyone, including your dog. We get it! Sometimes, a dog will bark to alert you and that is a great thing. Then, there are other times when a dog may bark for no valid reason at all and for a very long time.

There are times when barking excessively could mean they are seeking attention; perhaps another, from stress. Sometimes too, a dog may be blind and barking because not familiar with a new scent or sound. Whatever the case may be, if you find that your dog may be barking too much and for too long, the good friends over on Your Dog Advisor are sharing tips to help train your dog.

Excessive dog barking can be a serious problem, especially if you live in the city or suburbs. It can drive you crazy, irritate the neighbors, and result in violations of noise ordinances and fines.

All dogs bark, it’s their basic mode of communication. Some barking is okay, but what do you do when excessive barking becomes a problem? First, look at why your dog barks? Is he anxious? Bored? Territorial? Frustrated? Scared? Once you know the trigger, you can address the problem.

Read how these 9 tips will help reduce your dog barking excessively. Your dog will thank you; your neighbors will thank you. And, you will be equally thankful too.