Woof! How is your summer going? Hot, right! And, those darn fireworks! Grrr Why can’t they have fireworks without sound? How pawsome would that be. Well, furiends, Mom did it again. We have a house guest, name is Farley, Shih Tzu looking for answers is what he barked to me. I agreed to help this little fella find answers as his heart is hurting. Why? His parents dumped him at a local county shelter. Ready Farley to tell you story? (Farley, woof! woof!) Come on up and take over the iPaw.  Farley’s update using cannabis oil #shihtzudumpedatshelter #cannabisoilfordogs

(Farley steps up and begins to type)

Why hello to all furiends out there! I barked to Mr MaGoo how sad and confused I am, not understanding why my parents took me to a place that was way too loud, had awful smells, not friendly, and they were whispering “dead dog walking”, this place was a high kill animal shelter. What did I do wrong? I thought you would love me to the very end, after all, I have been with you for 13 years.  Was that it? Did I become too old?

Farley Shih Tzu looking for answers

I apologize that I threw up my food and it went on your carpet, my tummy didn’t feel good. Was that why you sent me away? I know that my eyes were oozing this ugly, smelly green stuff; and, I had over 21 passengers feasting on me; I believe humans call them ticks.  Was that why you sent me away?20160703_182246


My teeth are in terrible condition and my breath is beyond words, even I can’t stand the smell of my own breath. Perhaps it was because I snore a lot? Or, I get confused when I can’t find you and I begin barking. I can no longer hear, did I make you mad when I would no longer come? Mom and Dad, please help me understand, what did I do wrong to be dumped in that awful place. When you handed me over to those people, I thought you were coming back. I waited and waited; I watched and watched; I cried and cried. Nothing I did brought you back; I wished really hard and howled very loudly, you disappeared. I heard the humans in that place say they would only give me 24hrs for help to arrive; they saw the passengers and yet did not do anything. They saw my eyes, yet did very little. Like you, they gave up on me, scheduling me for “dead dog walking” the next day because I was a mess.Shih Tzu with dry eye

I was sleeping and I saw a light, I opened my eyes and in walked two humans; one belonged there and there was this new human, a woman. I couldn’t hear what was being said, the next thing I knew, the iron door opened and I was being lifted out of my cell. Was this it? Was I being taken to the dark place in this jail? I cried, I tried to bark, nothing was coming out; I was not ready to go! Wait! Where am I going? This isn’t a dark place! This is sunshine on my face, I am in a car; oh how I love car rides and love helping you navigate, remember Mom and Dad? Who is this person? Where am I going? Then, this person tells me, “I am safe, no more “dead dog walking”.

The car stopped and I was carried to a back yard where other dogs met me and were very kind. First, I was met by a very energetic dude, his name is Mini Me. Along came this beautiful girl, Driving Miss Fancy. I met a very large dog, Twinkle Star. I have to say, they have funny names. Lastly, I met a grouchy old man, Mr MaGoo; oh my, did he ever set the ground rules! They all told me that I was safe and their human, they called her Mom, would watch over me and make sure I was safe. The first thing she did was put drops in my eyes and removed my passengers; she had a friend come over and help her remove all my passengers; boy, did they ever make a lot of noise doing it. Then, I was given food and then a bath; I have to admit, the bath felt good, so good that I fell asleep for hours. When I woke up, I cried and cried, I didn’t know where I was and all these new smells. I was so confused, are you coming to get me here? I even had an accident and to my surprise, this woman did not yell at me; she picked me up, held me and told me not to worry about it.


Boy did I snore, turn the volume up!


The next day, my eyes are no longer green! And, I got to go to her friend’s house and have a play date with more furiends. Oh my gosh Mom and Dad, I can’t wait to see you and tell you all about it. When are you coming to pick me up? You know that I am no longer in that dark place? Shall I leave a kibble trail so you can find me? The day came and went; night time came and I cried a lot and louder, this time, the human came and took me upstairs with her. Oh yes, I fell right to sleep.


My second day, I was given my own bowls, blanket, and “tent”; I wonder if I will get to take these with me when you come for me? Later in the day, she took me to see Doc, while I didn’t really want to be there, I was very good, you would have been proud of me. They looked in ears and put a lot of medicine down them; they took pictures of inside me and took blood from me too. Turns out, the photos showed I have stones inside me, they call them bladder and kidney stones; Doc told the woman I will need surgery to remove at least one. Then, they discussed about removing all of my teeth, yes furiends it is that bad. While I was in the dark place, I picked up a cold, I was given medicine for that too. You see Mom and Dad, she is taking care of all of this to help me get back on my paws, will this help me come back to you?

A few days ago, Doc called and I saw the woman on the phone, there was water coming from her eyes. When she got off the phone, she hugged very tight! I guess I have something nasty inside me called cancer. Mom and Dad, is this why you left me? I watched this human do a lot of reading, turns out, she wouldn’t be able to cure me. I will pass in two years, or less. She is planning something called a “bucket list”, she wants for me to enjoy every day and just have fun. Has anyone told her I am 13 and tire easily?


So you see Mom and Dad, while I will never understand why you left me; you abandoned me after I gave you unconditional love for 13 years, this human is making me part of her family, just as I am. I now follow her everywhere she goes; I lay by her feet when she is working; I rest my head on her body to fall asleep. I give her lots of smiles and she gives them back to me. Mom and Dad, I wanted to let you know I am safe, I have brothers and sisters; my own fluffy bed and no longer told to stay outside. Mom and Dad, I want you to know, should you come for me, I am not coming back with you. You see, I have a new Mom; I have a new home; I have a new life now, while it may be short with my new Mom, it already feels like I have been here for 13 yrs. I am looking ahead to my new future, it looks full of love and good times. I have my own Facebook page, stop over and help me fight cancer, as well as my new adventures.

My new Mom is going to do everything possible to help keep me comfortable, she set up a special place to load up kibble: PayPal to HelpFarleyFightCancer@gmail.com.

Help Shih Tzu Fight Cancer Lymphoma With Chemotherapy on CrowdriseWhen it comes time for me to go to Rainbow Bridge, any kibble left will be donated to Best Friends Animal Society in my honor.

Hey Mom! Mr MaGoo and I are ready for naps……