Woof! Who doesn’t wuv fresh breath, white teeth, and healthy gums? Even us pets wuv when our mouth and teeth healthy because they help our body stay healthy too. February is National Dental Pet Health month, and there are a few surprising facts why our teeth need to be cleaned too.

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Why Dental Health Is Important For Pets

Woof! The reason is simple when our teeth are healthy our breath is too. Have you ever gotten close to a pet or human that their breath is yucky? Sure you have! Chances are they may have a tooth that is decayed or periodontal disease. When teeth are cleaned regularly, then our gums are happy and that leaves our breath that much better. Dental sticks are pawfect for us pets! These help control plaque and tartar on your dog’s teeth by mechanically breaking off tartar while freshening their breath at the same time. Good oral hygiene for dogs isn’t just about kissable breath, it’s also important for overall health. Bring on the doggie kisses!

Did you know that bad dudes can grow in our mouths? These bad dudes then can enter our body and destroy our heart, lungs, liver, kidneys. Grrr  If these bad dudes take over our organs, well, then we will be returning to Rainbow Bridge too soon. Yes furiends, dental and gum disease if left untreated, is fatal.

Which leads me down this kibble trail, getting our teeth clean regularly, helps us stay out of the Doc’s visit. As I barked earlier when we have sick gums and nasty teeth, bad dudes can invade our body and make us feel terrible. In fact, may even lead to heart disease, liver disease and “C’. Grrrr I dislike “C” Who is with me?

Believe it or not, periodontal disease is very common for us pets. By the age of 3, most of us will have periodontal disease. Have you ever watched your parents put this funny looking in their mouth, going back and forth, with white foam coming out of their mouth? Well, it turns out, they are brushing their teeth, preventing bad dudes taking over their mouth. Woof! Yes, our parents get it too! If they don’t take care of their teeth and gums, they too can face the same health problems as us.

National Dental Pet Health Month is in Febraury

If your parents aren’t already taking you to see Doc, bark very loudly that you want Doc to look at your mouth. Most Doc’s are giving a discount for National Dental Pet Health Month in February. Then, howl loudly for your parents to begin brushing your teeth too. Oh yeah, about that white foam stuff, it is toothpaste. The best for us pets, we can really pawsome flavors, like bacon! O-M-D if that isn’t the best reason to let your parents brush your teeth, right? Otherwise, your mouth could look like this

February is National Dental Pet Health Month preventive dental care helps keep pets healthier.

And, we don’t want that. Whacha waiting for! Go brush your teeth for a healthier mouth, for a healthier you. Don’t forget your dental sticks too. Share your teeth brushing stories. What is your favorite toothpaste flavor?


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