Woof! Last month was all about a very important person in our lives, our Moms; furiends, equally important are our Dads. Today is Father’s Day, this is a pawfect time for me to paw up a few tips on how us dogs honor Dads.  This month we get to show our Dads how much we love them; how important they are to us too.  Dads are pawsome! Dads know how to act silly with us; get in trouble with us; get dirty with us and most of all, love us just as much as Moms do.  So furiends, here are five ways for us dogs to show our Dads we love them.

1310626_80b73542 5) Lend a helping a paw Does you Dad like to play with toys?  Take things apart? The next time your Dad is out in the garage taking something apart, why not give a lending paw and hide the parts?  This will create a game of “hide and seek” and you both will get to spend time together playing.  Mom will not understand it, she may even get mad at you both; just give her the paw because you and Dad are playing.

4) Get dirty together Woof! If your Dad likes to be outside playing in the dirt, get dirty with him.  If that means running in mud, do it.  No matter what your Dad likes to do, join him and don’t worry about the dirt, he will think you are pawsome for this.

3) Be by his side Does your Dad have a favorite chair? Or, a favorite place to sit?  How about a car ride?

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Why not join him?  He may not call for you to come and follow him, trust me, he wants you there.  You don’t have to do a thing, simply be there by his feet and this will give your Dad a lot of warmth and love.  Why kibble, he may even reach down and rub your tummy.

2) Simply lend an ear, simply put listen Dads aren’t any different than Moms, they want to be listened to as well.  Furiends, here is a Grr8 way to show your Dad that you care a lot; simply tilt your head to one side, raise your eyebrows and you will melt his heart.

Listening to every word with head tilt
Yes, I am listening to every word

See, Dads have it tuff just like Moms and they need someone to listen to them, that is where us dogs come in.  No matter if by the tractor, in the boat, or on the porch, we will always be there to listen to what our Dads have to say.

1) Shower him with kisses And lots of them!  When he comes through the door,  run to him, proceed to knock him down on the floor and lick his face a lot!  Dads needs to know that they are missed (a lot!); just don’t get why Dads won’t say it, no worries us dogs have figured this out a long time ago.  We always know that no matter what kind of day our Dad had, when he comes through that door, to run, jump, bark and proceed with lots of kisses.

Woof! Furiends, you don’t need to wait until Father’s Day to show your Dad that you love him; why not make every day Father’s Day?  Would love to hear from you, how do you show your Dad that you love him? Father's Day with your dog