It was a day of sunshine and love, French fries and fire hydrants. And new beginnings.
Little did I know the challenges I would be faced with down the road. Little did I know the joy
I would come to know leading a family of beautiful misfits. I’d trade all the doggy treats in the
world (okay, maybe not “all” but most of them, anyway) to continue to provide for and protect
my crazy family. We have BIG fun and with me around – there’s never a dull moment.

Woof! Lets just take a minute to revel in the literary prose that is the genius of yours truly. Yep, this is straight from my first chapter in Real Dogs Don’t Whisper; oh how I wuv to paw up a chapter or two.  

But seriously, folks, I gotta tell ya, I am one lucky K9. Everyday I get to strut my stuff, and these ladies just eat it up. I’m the king of this castle, and Carla Mae and the human are my ladies in waiting. Cause until the Magoo Man here checks out, ain’t nobody can run this household like I can. “Get ’em up. Get ’em movin'” is my motto each and every morning.

But being the gentleman that I am, I sometimes let the human think she is in charge. Got to throw the lady a bone every now and again. Shhh. Don’t tell her I told you this. Sis and I need her for some stuff, like bringing home the kibble and handing out those pawtastic treats. Woof! Woof! How Carla Mae and I dance for those treats.

Carla Mae and Mr Magoo smiling

As much as I love to toot my own horn and take credit for my family’s safety and funnigans, I wouldn’t be here to do so, if wasn’t for the human. She saw something special in the Goo Man here, and because of that I’m the happiest, coolest dog around.

Before I leave ya to go and snuggle; did you know that you can win a copy of my book?  Check this yard out to enter to win


Dogs rule, cats drool cartoon
Dogs Rule, Cats Drool…how cool is that!

Have a pawtastic day, everyone!!

Mr. Magoo