Woof! Furiends, how the kibble are you?  I know that I haven’t been blogging much lately, that is soon going to change; Mom is getting us settled in and I was able to find my iPaw.  Geez, what is a dog to do without his iPaw?  Doesn’t Mom know how important it is that I have my iPaw?  I guess I should give her a break, not only did she make sure we were moved safely, Fancy (just like Carla) needed care during the move.  Is it just me, or are the girls in this family like to visit Doc a lot?

Fancy has dog glaucoma
Fancy ready for fall holidays

Show of paws, how many know what glaucoma is and how it affects our dog eyes?  Me for one didn’t know too much and I had to Goo(gle) it; after learning more about glaucoma, I got so upset because clowns that had Fancy didn’t take care of her.  Calling my 1 million fleas to report to duty! Grrrr Fleas, attack the clowns that had Fancy.  Sorry, furiends, I know I got distracted; of course, that is what makes me, Mr MaGoo, so lovable.  BOL

When glaucoma develops in your pet’s eyes, if not treated, will cause blindness. See furiends, our dog eyes develop fluids; when this fluid is not able to leave, it will cause pressure.  This pressure will damage nerves in our eyes, when this happens, glaucoma is developed.  Woof! Get this furiends, there are certain breeds that will get glaucoma faster than others.  Cocker Spaniels are one of the breeds; while my sister Buffy didn’t develop this, Fancy has.  Mini Me ail have to be careful too, Shih Tzu’s have a higher rate of glaucoma too. Now of course, there are other causes why us pets may have glaucoma.  No matter what the cause is, tell your parents to get you to see Doc immediately if your eye is watering, extreme redness, or have clouds in your eyes.  Wait! Clouds in your eyes?  Oh got it! If your eye becomes cloudy, tell your parents get you to Doc quick.  Did you know that within one hour, a pet can go blind once glaucoma sets in.  And, if one eye gets it, the other eye will develop it too. 

Have you been to Doc lately to have your eyes checked?  No.  Dogs, here is an eye chart for you to use to test your eyes.

Dog eye chart
Dogs, test your eye sight
Instructions for dog eye chart
Here are instructions


Oh cats, don’t get a furball started. Yes, I have your eye chart too.

Cat eye chart test
Cats, here is your eye chart
Instructions for cats to do eye exam
Instructions eye exam

Fancy now has to have eye drops the rest of her life; yes, she is blind but the good news is she has her eyes.  Not all our furiends are so lucky, if not treated, or not treated every day like Mom does for Fancy, it becomes too painful, surgery will be needed to remove the eye (s).  Woof! Bottom line, once glaucoma has been diagnosed, it is a lifetime of a high level commitment by our parents to keep us pain free.  Glaucoma in pets is nothing to bark about, this is a very serious eye disease for us pets; parents will need to be even more serious about caring for a pet that has it.  

Fancy at eye exam
Fancy at Doc for eye exam








Furiends, do you have glaucoma?  Or, know of dog or cat that has glaucoma?  

Mr MaGoo