Woofollo furiends, how have you been?  I am going to jump right in this week, I am very upset about something, has my fur standing up.  Ok, show of paws; how many of furiends have ID?  Ya’ know; identification on ya!  I double dare paw ya, go ahead and card me.  I have tags, microchip and a card.  Yep, I am not taking any chances, I want to be home and not in a shelter or on the street. 

Kelly and Mr MaGoo
I am with my Mom

Furiends, Mom and I rescued this handsome Cocker Spaniel; we named him Mr Buff.  Why did we name him?  His family didn’t put any tags on his collar; or, place a very, very, very tiny chip, called a microchip, inside him in case he wandered away.  Grrrr, Mr Buff had to spend several nights in that jail, the place where the floor is cold; it is very loud with furiends that are sad; the smells are pawful and have bars.  Grrr Mr Buff didn’t deserve to be there; if only his family would have placed tags on him and microchipped him.  Furiends, I am on my paws right now, please make sure your parents have ID for you.  Wait!  There is more!  If you do have ID, ask your parent is it up to date.

Mr MaGoo's new furiend, Mr Buff
Mr Buff; lost and confused

 Once again, Mom and I are out walking and along comes Pugsy.  Now, Pugsy’s father had tags on him, woofee, ID!  Mom gets Pugsy on Carla’s leash and uses my iPaw to call Pugsy’ father.  Guess what?  The number was no longer working.  Grrrrr Thank Goo, our Mom doesn’t give up too easily; if she did, none of us would be with her.  Let me bark this, we are a handful; well, Carla Mae and Mini Me are, I am the purfect companion.  ROFL (you believe that, I have a gravy train for ya’) Where was I?  Oh yeah, Mom took ALL of us home and took Pugsy for a walk.  See furiends, she decided to walk to Pugsy’s house.  Whew! Turned out to be the right house; Mom did tell his father to update the phone number and also microchip him.

Mr MaGoo found another lost dog, Pugsy
Pugsy wandered away from his home

Mom believes in chipping us; she tells us tags are Grr8, there is always a chance a collar could slip off and then what?  Hmmm, maybe Mom is not such a crazy lady after all.  She told us that she has two phone numbers on file for each of our chips; one is hers and the other is Doc, she says Doc knows us and Mom and would help if needed.  Of course, I wanted to have my own ID; I wanted to make sure I am drive when Mom isn’t feeling good.  Yep, Carla and I each have our own license to drive.  Mini Me is only 2, when he gets a little older, Mom said he could drive.

Mr MaGoo's pet license
Oh yeah! I can drive; ready to go for a spin?

Furiends, wuv to hear from ya’ all; do you have ID?  Do you have both; tags and chip?  Are you going to get your license to drive?

Time for me to go and teach Mini Me a few tricks.  Bark at ya later

Mr MaGoo  


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