Woof! Furiends, Santa Paws will be here very soon.  Have you been nice or naughty?  I can tell you I have been nice (what?! are you kidding Mr MaGoo?!).  Now Mini Me, he is on the naughty list.  BOL Are you doing holiday travel with your family?  I am going to share safety tips to share with your parents, holiday travel with pets (that is us…woof!) can be fun, safe and bonding time for all.  Woof! #holidaytravelwithpets

Mr MaGoo is all about holiday travel with pets

Research: Sniff it out

Arf! You know when you are out on a walk and want to stop and sniff everything? Ya know, scoping out the new sights and smells.  Furiends, that is what our parents need to do before we leave.  They need to sniff and dig up new sights and smells for us to check out; I think humans call this research, finding out about areas that we can go and explore.  Trust me on this, we are the happiest when we are B-U-S-Y; swimming (wait it is chilly out there!), walking, hiking, etc.  Another item is make sure our temporary yards allow us.  When we traveled with Mom to KY, hotels would take us all of us.  What did Mom do?  She slept in the car with us, furiends, this may not be for all parents; so, have your parents double check these temporary yards for sleeping rules. Woof! Car is loaded for holiday travel with petsAnd, Doc won’t be able to come with, have your parents pack all medicines and find other Docs along the way, in case one is needed.  And by all means, pawlease have your parents update your ID; telephone numbers should be up to date before leaving.  If you have a chip, parents need to confirm the information is correct.

Packing: Oh my what to pack

Now for the fun part, packing! Which outfits should I take?  And, will we be dining out?  Oh my, what to pack and how many outfits to take?  BOL Ok, ok, ok I will get serious (sigh Mom is making me, she is so serious at times! sigh) there are items that our parents need to make sure are packed.  They are:

Holiday travel with pets includes their bedding

  • Toys, toys, toys and more toys  BOL  (Mr MaGoo, if you aren’t going to be serious, I will take over)
  • (Grr Mom is taking the fun out of this) Medical records and our vaccination records
  • First-aid kit (tweezers, elastic bandages, hydrogen peroxide)
  • Our beds and blankets, nothing beats the comforts of home while on the road
  • Our dishes both food and water
  • Food! Yum…our food and treats
  • WaterHoliday travel with pets includes their food, water and bowls

With these pawsome tips, holiday travel with pets will help keep your pet safe, happy, comfortable which means your pet will thank you! Oh yeah that means lots of kisses and cuddle time with your parents.

Furiends, do you travel with your parents?  Where do you go? What is your favorite place?

Bark at ya later, need to go and pick out outfits

Mr MaGoo








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