Woof! Furiends, Santa Paws is only days away! Are you ready?  Have you been good? Or, have you been mischievous? Santa Paws is always watching, better be good for paws sake. Not only is Santa Paws coming, so will be family and furiends and this can be a lot of stress for us pets.  Woof! Holidays can be stressful for us pets! Don’t get me wrong, we wuv the holidays; all the noise, people coming and going can make any pet running for cover.

Santa Claus is watching over Fancy and Mini Me
Santa Paws is watching

So, how can us pets stay relax during the holidays? According to Mom, I have anxiety (I pawtest about this!) and who would be better in providing advice to my fellow pets?  Me of course! Mr MaGoo to your rescue!

Mr MaGoo is ready for Christmas
I am ready for Christmas

First tip, have your parents take you on a walk. Guess what?!  They will thank you later for it because a walk will help them get rid of stress too.  What a better way to spend time with your parents and reduce stress?  Did you know that both our parents and us dogs benefit from walking because it makes us feel great and less anxious? Oh yeah, for our parents and us dogs, it helps keep us lookin’ great too! How about a double woof to that! Woof! Woof!

Second tip, did you know that there are essential oils to help reduce stress for our parents and us pets? Mom has created these candles that are safe to burn around us and help reduce our stress and anxiety.  She uses 100% soy wax and something called lavender; all I know, our home smells so good and I am so relaxed when she lights these candles.

Soy lavender candle reduces stress

Another easy peasy tip, make sure your parents have a quiet room set up for you.  Yes, put your paw down and tell your parents that you need a quiet room, with lavender scent.  Ahhh, I am feeling how relaxed it will be, are you? Seriously furiends, a quiet room for you to take a nap will help keep the stress and anxiety down.

The holiday season is joyous for family and friends; yet, it can be overwhelming and become stressful and there will be times when a little break is needed.  When that time comes, just raise your paw, bark “time for a walk”; when you return ask for the lavender scent and prepare for a nap.  I pawmorise, when you and your parents wake up, will feel like a new pup.

Have you ever just had to leave the pawty to take a walk? How do you manage stress?  No matter what you do, wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season.

Happy holidays from Real Dogs Don't Whisper
From our family to your family…Merry Christmas

Mr MaGoo