Woof! Something has really got my fur standing on end. By now you should all know how fiercely, “grrr” protective I am of my sisters. After all, I am the man of the house.  But I tell ya, folks, I think I may have met my match.  Ya see, some clown has moved in to our household and has made both Carla Mae and Buffy sick!!And, ooh, that just sets my jaws a snappin’.



Real Dogs family
Oh yeah, I am keeping an eye on my sisters

The way mom explained it to me is that; the meanies that are causing my sisters to become ill are called cancer.   And, apparently there are two different cancers picking on my sisters.  Buff has what is called  Transitional Cell Carcinoma (TCC), and Carla Mae has Squamous Cell Carcinoma Adenoid.  Wow, try saying that five times fast, especially with a rawhide in your mouth.  Both of them, the poor babies, had to leave me to go have surgery to remove the tumors.   I can imagine how scared they were in the hospital, all alone, without me to snuggle up with.   But Betty Boop and me kept mom company while we waited for them to come home from the veterinarian’s office.


Buffy from Real Dogs Don't Whisper
Buffy enjoying a summer night

You know how much I love the computer, so I decided to check out more about these clowns that have invaded my sisters’ body. >TCC is a bladder cancer and can mimic the symptoms of a urinary tract infection. Not to worry though, mom and I are fighting it with something called Piroxicam.


Carla Mae resting after surgery Both of my girls are doing okay now.  But, I curse 1,000 fleas on cancer!! Are you with me?  Are you fighting cancer too?  Join me in this fight! Angels With Special Needs Amongst Us


Mr MaGoo closeup
Cancer cells, listen up! This is Mr MaGoo here and I curse 1,000 fleas upon you! Grr!