Woof! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and I am running in the grass with no care in the world.  Oh yeah, puparrizi, are you getting this super action shot?  Mom is barking about taking us out to the park, don’t get me wrong, I wuv going to the park; new scents, new furiends and wuv to try and catch the geese.  But, there is one thing I just don’t like, humans both tall and shorter, running at me screaming in this bark that truly hurts my ears: “Looooooookkkkkkkk a pupppppyyyyyyy. Oooohhhh how cuuuutttteeeee!” 

Mr MaGoo being silly
I wuv being silly in the grass

Did they not see my yellow ribbon on my collar?  Furiends, do you know what a yellow ribbon around your collar means?  The way Mom barks it to me, humans came up with a color that means caution, slow down.  The same meaning holds true for us dogs that wear a yellow ribbon around our collar.  Humans, slow down; pawlease do not coming running and doing that scream, pawcause, if we have this ribbon, we don’t like it.  

Yellow Dog Project
Reasons why us dogs may need space

There are several reasons why caution should be applied; if you are like me, I am a grumpy old man.  Yes, I may look so darn cute (actually, sexy and handsome) but I am an elder dog, an elder Lhasa Apso (double trouble..bol!), my ears are like sonar and loud noises hurt my ears.  Plus, most of us Lhasa’s do not like sudden, fast movement.  Let me just bark this, we will let you know in a flat kibble second that we do not like it.  Other reasons may be us dogs may just have seen Doc and aren’t feeling good; or, we have a new family and getting used to them; or, we are just having a bad fur day.  No matter what the reason, pawlease give us space.

I was curious to see if Mom came up with this idea on her own, no furiends she didn’t but she is trying to educate many far and wide about this pawsome project.  The Yellow Dog project, began in 2012, to help teach humans that some of us dogs just are not social towards humans.  We don’t mean it, and if we are ignored, we mean no harm.

Furiends, The Yellow Dog Project has a pawsome yard on Facebook, go sniff it out.  Get this!  They made this Grr8 image that highlights what this project means to fellow furiends.  How pawsome is this? 

Yellow Dog Project
84 words describing The Yellow Dog Project

Furiends, if you are like me or Carla Mae (deaf), Fancy (blind and learning trust) or Mini Me (big time trust issues),  tell your parents to get you a yellow ribbon and tie in on your collar or leash.  Or, if you like to wear scarfs or tshirts, they are available too.  Mom said she will get me a scarf!  Woofeee, watch me strut my tail in this bright yellow scarf, alerting to give me space.  Oh yeah, I will bring sexy to this project.

Yellow Dog Project Scarf
Oh yeah, I need a scarf just live this!

Would wuv to have you bark back; will you tell your parents about this?  Which will you wear? Ribbon? Scarf?  

Bark at ya later

Mr MaGoo 

Mr MaGoo all smiles
Bark at ya later