Woof everyone! It’s me again, Mr. Magoo, here to tell ya of yet another chapter of the saga that is my life with mom and my sisters. And Grrrr let me tell you, it has been a ruff couple of weeks for yours truly.


Mr MaGoo with devil horns
Have you seen my halo? I misplaced it

A couple of weeks ago, The Magoo Man wasn’t feeling that great. Usually I spend my days rockin’ and rollin,’ but on October 1st, I was shaking so badly and walking all hunched over – all I needed was a bell to ring.

Mom rushed me to our veterinarian and let me tell ya, folks, I have never been soooo scared. But I put on a brave face so mom wouldn’t be so scared, too. The doc diagnosed me with what is called IVDD (huh? That doesn’t even spell anything; actually it stands for Inter-Vertebral Disc Disease). On the way home mom explained it to me that I have discs (can I fetch them?) in my back that have hardened to the point where they have broken and oozed this material into the space where my spinal cord is. Yuck!

I was lucky enough not to need surgery. No way is some doctor cuttin’ me open! Try and catch me first. I did get to take a cool ride in this machine (MRI), like something out of some Sci-Fi flick, and that’s how I was diagnosed with IVDD. IVDD though is nothing to bark out; can be fatal for those fellow dogs that are not so lucky as I.

Doc and mom put me on bed rest and I’m taking some pills (double yuck!) to help make the pain go away. Don’t tell anyone but I might just get used to all of this pampering. I get to lie around and sleep all day. Mom even carries me upstairs. Buffy and Carla Mae are looking after me for a change.


Mr MaGoo resting
Bed rest is not my idea of fun

Mom is out right now and I wanted to learn more, Google and I are BFF’s (just too bad this BFF Google hasn’t caught on yet how to return the ball). I wanted to learn more about prevention; per my BFF, Google, one item is to keep me lean, like a fighting machine. Yep, weight is down. Now, the item for prevention I am having a bone chewin’ time with; no excessive jumping or taking the stairs like a race track. This is going to be a ruff one to stop.

Ooops! Mom’s home! Gotta go get in my bed (pretend to be fast asleep). Or, perhaps read a chapter in Real Dogs Don’t Whisper; of course, first chapters to read are about me. Woof!


Mr MaGoo and sisters asleep
Yours truly pretending to be sleeping with Buffy


Until next time everyone.

Mr. Magoo