Joint issues are one of the most commonly seen problems in vet clinics today.

Joint health tips for pets is a must-read for every pet parent.

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Unfortunately, as a result of the aging process and high levels of activity, many dogs and cats will face hip and joint issues and limited mobility during their lifetime.

In fact, 1 in 5 dogs will suffer from some kind of joint problem due to everyday activities. And about 1/3 of cats have joint issues by age 6, especially due to an epidemic of obesity in cats.

According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA) Pet Owners Survey, 55% of dogs today are given a supplement for joint health and mobility – especially medium and large-size dogs.

So as you can see joint problems are an important issue with pet parents today, and there’s a lot of awareness of it out there.

Pet Joint Health 101

Your pet’s joints are composed of soft connective tissue, cartilage, and joint fluid. Their role is to provide cushioning between bones to allow for normal movement.

Cartilage contains nerve endings, and when cartilage breaks down and the surface becomes rough, the movement of the joint creates a firing of these nerve endings, which your pets know as pain.

Joint fluid and cartilage are necessary to support joint and musculoskeletal health in dogs and cats. Over time, all of the nice viscous joint fluid that keeps your pet’s joints lubricated tends to dissipate as part of the aging process. 

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Joint health for pets