Woof! It’s me, your best friend, cuddle buddy, fearless protector. Yep, you got that right; Mr MaGoo fearless protector and Mr Worldly.  BOL

Mr MaGoo being silly
How is this? Is this by Goo(d) side?

Pawmorrow is July 4th, a bithday for America; did you know that America will be 237 years old. Woofee, that is 1,659 in dog years; now that is something to paw up and say “God Bless America” Don’t ya agree? Like any bithday, this is a pawty and time to pawlebrate.  That is where I come in; furiends, here are a few tips to tell your parents to keep us pets safe doing this pawonderful birthday. Gather around furiends, as I share simple pet safety tips for us pets. 

Mini Me being silly
Did I here pawty? I can be the clown BOL

Did you know that all those things that make the sky glow pretty, I think you humans call them fireworks (yep, had to “Goo”-gle that!) may be pretty and fun for you humans, for us pets it scares the kibble out of us.  And, hurts our ears too!  Please be responsible with us pets around fireworks. Yes, we all know that some of us pets can be curious and like to investigate wonderful new things. Please keep us restraint around fireworks, folks, they can kill us; even the ones that aren’t going boom.  I am not a chewer, some of my furiends are; should they begin to chew on an unlit firework, the stuff inside can make them sick or even kill them.

Did I mention that all that noise can be quite traumatic for us with sensitive ears? I did; well, let me repeat; July 4th fireworks hurts our ears. Please, keep us inside, in a safe place away from the noise. Furiends, if you enjoy your crate; go in, bark to your parents to close the door and latch it securely.  Or, if you are like me; I wuv Grr8 music, Mom turns it up and we get down and shake our tail.  I furget that there are fireworks outside with all that paw tapping and dancin’.  And parents, please make sure all doors, windows, gates and fencing are locked and secured.  Us dogs can have pawmazing strength and agility when we are scared.  After all, it is our nature to protect ourselves from scary things. For instance, both Carla Mae and I are fear biters; if something scares us and we don’t understand, we will bite to protect ourselves. (need to stay focused about pet safety for July 4th, fear biting can be another day.)

Carla Mae and Driving Miss Fancy
Gurl power!

I understand that some of you may be traveling with your parents where there will be a lot of food.  Should your parents try to feed you something that is not part of your normal diet, this is going to be very hard, resist.  Walk away! Turn your nose up and tell them to talk to the paw.  Why?  Most of us pets, me included, have very sensitive stomachs; outside our normal diet can make our tummy hurt and we become very sick.  Yuck! No pet wants to be sick doing a bithday pawlebration.

Twinkle Star IBD
Hey! I have a sensitive tummy too

Now, listen very carefully on this one; bark, howl, meow, neigh to your parents until they listen.  Ready?!  Make sure your ID is current; that includes phone numbers, address, markings, name, Doc’s information.  I realize you may be scared from the July 4th fireworks and run away, your parents will be devastated if this happens and you will be even more frighten.  First, see above; should you escape, there will be strangers that will want to help, let them as they are trying to get you back home.  

Mr MaGoo's pet license
Oh yeah! I can drive; ready to go for a spin?

Furiends, it is quite simple for your parents to understand pet safety during the 4th of July.  These tips are very simple and make a lot of paw sense.  I would wuv to hear how your 4th of July was?  Did your parents practice any of these tips? Do you have photos to share?  If so, send Goo

Let the (pet safe) pawlebration for America begin.  Woofee! Yappy Bithday America!!

Mr MaGoo