Woofooo! My first blog for the new paw, 2012.  Woofooo!  I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday season and that there were lots of tail waggin’ times. Mom didn’t have any business and she spent lots of time with us, which meant lots of exercise, playin’, hugs, and tummy rubs.

Remember last month when I wrote about how important exercise is?  Get this, so are your A, C, E’s.  No, I am not talking about the song that humans sing about something called the alphabet.  I am talking about vitamins; now I had to Google this, something called antioxidants.  Whew!  That is one big word, and as big as it is, it is very big for us to include in our diet. Woof! Exercise and antioxidants are my secret to being too sexy for my scarf.  BOL

Mr MaGoo
Mr MaGoo being too sexy for his scarf.

Mom did a lot of reading about this for Buffy and Betty Boop; and, as a result, Carla and I get the benefit too.  I don’t know about you, pills are just not my thing; Mom thinks she is outsmartin’ us by sticking them in our food.  She still doesn’t get it, I am super smart, can smell a pill a paw away.  She finally got the message (at times she can be slow) and now gives our (here is that big word again) antioxidants in form of food and treats. Carrots?  Do I smell carrots?  I wuv carrots.

Sorry about that, I thought I sniffed out carrots and lost my path.  Where was I?  Oh yes, that big word! A balanced diet rich in antioxidants can help keep our immune system active and slow the aging process. I don’t look a bone over 5; at least I don’t feel like I am over 5.  Buffy, she will be 15 yrs old this March, and, can out walk me.

Buffy being all girly girl
Buffy being all girly girl.

So, tell your parents when selecting your food/treats, ask broccoli stalks, berries, carrots, yams, green beans.  Remind them too, not to cook, as this will remover or lower the amount of vitamins. 

All this food talk has made me hungry.  Time for me to go and give Mom “THEE LOOK” for blueberries.

Mr MaGoo, ready for blueberries
I am ready for my blueberries!

Bark at you later,

Mr MaGoo